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How to adapt your diet for the colder months

How to adapt your diet for the colder months

18th Sep 2020

The nature of the winter months is one of colder temperatures, darker days and weather that is more challenging for us to deal with. With such challenges, finding ways to stay happy and healthy in the winter is a great idea. One way to do this is to adapt your diet to provide you with a healthier way of living. In our latest blog, the Evolution Organics team has put together some advice on how you can adapt your diet to live a healthier life this winter. 

Avoiding illness

Staying fit and healthy all year round should be a priority for all of us. But this can certainly be something easier said than done.  

Many viruses and illnesses are more easily spread during the winter, as we find ourselves spending more time indoors and in closer proximity to other people. Given what’s happened so far in 2020, avoiding viruses has never been more important.  

There are steps you can take to build your immune system up and avoid unwanted illnesses and problems. One way to do this is by changing your diet to include more items with immune system advantages. 

Citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli, spinach and natural yoghurts have all been linked with boosting the immune system. Adding items such as these to your diet can help stave off any viral visitors, while you can also add immune system supplements to the mix. 

Preventing the winter blues

One thing many of us face during the winter months is not quite feeling our usual selves. For many of us, this can manifest in periods of low energy, while others face greater problems such as seasonal depression. 

One way to allay some of the symptoms of the winter blues is through the food you eat. Finding ways to provide your system with some of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that naturally come through sunshine and exercise in the summer is therefore a great idea. 

Foods containing lean proteins such as salmon and chicken can help, as can foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids. These include salmon again, as well as walnuts and flax seeds. 

One of the problems we face generally is stress, which can see our body flood with a chemical called cortisol. This makes us tense and feel on edge, but berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries have been found to help allay this cortisol release.  

Those with a sweet tooth may be keen to hear that dark chocolate has been found to help improve mood thanks to its high levels of polyphenols. This is a type of antioxidant that can help your body work the way you want it to all winter long. 

Vitamin intake is all important to lowering the risk of the winter blues, and at Evolution Organics we have Vitamin D supplements and Vitamin C supplements – both of which can help give you a better chance of feeling good all year round.

Keeping your energy levels up

The restrictive way our lives can go in the winter months due to the longer hours of darkness can be problematic. This way of living can leave us feeling slow and lethargic, and we can enter periods of low energy and non-productivity. 

But adapting your diet to increase your energy levels can help you feel full of beans all winter long, get more done, and do so with a smile on your face. 

Bringing more iron-based foods and healthy carbohydrates into your diet can help you achieve higher energy levels through natural means.  Also look to moderate the amount of sugar in your diet. We may think sugar is great for energy, but too much sugar gives us too many highs and lows and can actually drain us. 

If you are finding yourself particularly lacking in energy, you can find energy supplements at Evolution Organics. 

Find that perfect winter diet

Staying happy and healthy in the winter can be a challenge. But with the right winter eating and carefully chosen dietary supplements, you can do more, achieve what you want to, and feel great this cold season. 

Take a look through the Evolution Organics online store to find health foods and supplements aplenty and make a positive decision for your wellbeing today. 

Take a look too through our delivery options, and if you have questions, simply say hello to the Evolution Organics team.