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4 Reasons to use  Planet Paleo Keto MCT Oil

4 Reasons to use Planet Paleo Keto MCT Oil

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 20th Apr 2021

MCTs are hot in the health world at the moment, with the growth of ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, and trends like bulletproof coffee, more people have started using MCT oil in their routine. Here is why we use MCT oil,

Firstly, what is MCT oil?

MCTs are big in the health world, because they are immediately transported to cells to be used as an energy source, which makes them an efficient source for energy production, and offers interesting benefits for health and performance.

There's a few types of MCT oil (C6, C8, C10 & C12) - Planet Paleo uses C8 which is highly digestible and has no taste or smell - perfect to add easily to your diet. 

Why use MCT oil?

  1. Your brain is made up of fatty acids so healthy fats are beneficial to support overall brain health. That's why people who follow the ketogenic diet, or the bulletproof diet, tend to say they feel more alert and "sharp" and they go into a state of ketosis. 
  2. Energy! MCTs can also be a great addition for sports performance, as a rapid source of energy to support stamina & endurance. That's why having a bulletproof coffee before a workout is such a good idea (coffee, butter, MCT oil).
  3. Gut Health... can be very much improved by including MCTs into your diet. MCTs have been shown to help kill off unhealthy types of bacteria, without harming the good bacteria, helping to support the balance in the microbiome.
  4. MCT oil will help you feel fuller for longer so can help in weight loss as well as all the other benefits mentioned above. 

And lastly... If you are on the Ketogenic/Bulletproof/Low Carb Diet - MCTs are definitively a staple for anybody following these types of diet. You can add MCT oil to you coffee, tea, soup, smoothies, salad, ect

What should you look for and why Planet Paleo Keto MCT Powder and Oil is a great choice...

  • MCT derived coconuts are a much more ethical and sustainable choice.
  • GMO free, free from glucose, silicon dioxide and maltodextrin.
  • Free from chemicals/solvents at all stages of production process.
  • C8 form: Most effective form for ketogenic energy.
  • Lab Tested

How much? if you are new to MCT oil, take 1/2 the dose to start and slightly increase.