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Product Review - Rawbiotics Probiotics

We all suffer from time to time from poor gut health which can lead to inflammation and feeling bloated. Bloating can happen for many reasons:

  • Diet (sugar and alcohol)
  • Stress
  • Bad habits such as smoking and not sleeping enough
  • Hormones
  • Conditions such as Crohn's, IBS, ect
  • And eating things that we shouldn't really but that taste hell-a good!

It's quite common but there are ways to prevent it from happening, a solution that can not only heal the gut but increase your body's natural defense, help to heal your skin inside and out and overall lead a happier* and healthier life. The solution? Probiotics, and this  month we are loving Rawbiotics.

Rawbiotics offers a 100% natural solution to gut health. Each bottle contains 14 live, active cultures that have been fermented for 21 days leaving each bottle filled with billions and billions of good bacteria. This makes our product one of the world’s most potent but successful probiotics on the market today. Taking just one shot a day can improve your health and digestion whilst making your skin shine and your lips smile.

Probiotics? Why? For our bodies to function at their optimal levels we need to ensure our digestive system is in tip top shape and for that it relies on the presence of healthy bacteria. A good probiotics will contains millions if not billions of healthy bacteria. A healthy gut means you get the most out of your diet.

Beneficial bacteria aid to improve digestion, balance pH levels and aids the ingestion and use of nutrients throughout the body. A diet rich in beneficial bacteria (therefore rich in probiotics) helps to protect the body from harmful toxins.

Probiotics and viruses - who wins the fight? Simply put, a healthy digestive track will help to fight infections and will also increase the effectiveness of antibiotics (if you ever need them).

How to improve your gut flora? Eat more fermented food (sauerkraut, kefir, rkimchi), practice mediation (to maintain stress levels) and take a probiotic supplement. Whenever I talk to anybody about their diet and how to improve it, taking a probiotic supplement is the first step I mention and the most important in my opinion.

Choosing the right probiotic... Evolution Organics only sells the best and I tend to vary from time to time. I took Rawbiotics a while ago when the lovely team sent us our first order (the product had been recommended by a customer). I thought it was going to be very bitter but it's not at all. It's kind of sweet and slightly vinegary but quit pleasant (especially when you know the extensive benefits it will have on your overall health).

Why Rawbiotics

  • Rawbiotics is a LIVE product that is non-freeze-dried
  • Rawbiotics have 14 live cultures – more than ANY other brand
  • Rawbiotics is 100% raw, natural and vegan and completely dairy, lactose, gluten, GMO, egg, milk, soya FREE!
  • Survives stomach acid over 16x more effectively than other leading brands
  • Rawbiotics is one of the only liquid probiotics on the market

How to take it? We took a shot (both me and my husband) in the morning, before anything else following by a glass of water.

Did it help? It did for us, my husband loved it. After a month I realised I hadn't suffered from stomach cramps/bloat... this could be due to my diet of course but I really believe Rawbiotics was a massive factor.

So, whats the verdict? Rawbiotics is a simple way to incorporate probiotics in your diet. A single shot daily is all you need.

Have a look a the range and let us know what you think!

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* This is quite a statement, I know but the positive effect of probiotics on mental health is well researched and documented.

2 thoughts on “Product Review - Rawbiotics Probiotics”

  • Tony

    I use Micromax which is also a liquid raw fermented gut conditioner and has 40 different alpine herb strains and 80 strains of effective microorganisms. It’s also Biodynamic meaning it’s above organic quality and cultured in the Austrian Alps so I’m not sure why your review makes those claims. Perhaps you could correct me or explain. Thanks

    • Marie-Eve Maitland
      Marie-Eve Maitland January 23, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      Hello Tony

      I think they are simply 2 different products. I do not know much about Micromax but will look into it. I take some of my information from the Rawbiotics website. Mostly this post was to say how amazing the range is and also to say what our thoughts on the product was... which we loved.

      In health

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