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My ultimate bulletproof coffee

For the last few years bulletproof coffee has gotten lots of attention and I've been hooked since. If you don't already know about the Bulletproof Diet, I truly recommend you take a peak as Dave Asprey's book available on the Evolution Organics website. Dave Asprey is the founder of the Bulletproof empire.

And if you don't know what bulletproof coffee is, simply put, it's coffee mixed with MCT oil/powder and grass fed (unsalted) butter (or ghee). Yes, butter and believe me, the result is the creamiest cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Honest.

For my part, I "bulletproof" my coffee on the morning when I work out. I like to drink it before a session to keep me fuelled and give me the energy I crave (from looking after a 4-year-old and business).

My version of the bulletproof coffee:

How: Mix all the ingredient in a blender for 15 seconds for the best frothy coffee.

Why? Here goes:

Bulletproof Coffee: Bulletproof Upgraded Ground Coffee are made from the absolute highest performance coffee beans found. The coffee is produced, and lab tested to target the lowest toxin content vs. normal coffee so you get all the antioxidant benefit from coffee without the side effect... no jitters!

Collagen Protein: It can boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, upgrade your skin, and it mixes easily with other foods and shakes thanks to its neutral taste. Planet Paleo is pure collagen that contains 100% highly absorbable collagen peptides, sourced from the hides, bones and connective tissue of pasture-raised cows.

Bulletproof XCT Oil: A stronger version of the fatty acid MCT naturally found in coconut oil. Bulletproof XCT Oil provides energy quickly and will give you the energy boost your body craves.

Medicinal Mushrooms: The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are incredible numerous. I have been using them religiously since the beginning of the year and am slightly addicted to them now. Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to promote wellbeing, healthy ageing and boost your immune system.

Grass fed butter or Ghee (I vary): Turns out there is some powerful science behind the benefits of coffee, butter, and XCT/Brain Octane Oil.  The fats from butter slows the absorption of caffeine, which gives you even energy for several hours. Perfect. And don't worry, your coffee wont taste buttery, more like a latte.

So, there you are, this coffee honestly keeps me energised every morning, even after a full-on workout. I don't feel hungry until lunch time (I still eat after my workout but more out of necessity). And the bonus of all this (apart from all the health benefits) is that it really tastes good.

How do you enjoy your bulletproof coffee? Let us know.

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  • seamul hoq rubel

    This is very nice post.Great idea your version of the bulletproof coffee. Both exercise and coffee raise cellular energy, while simultaneously inhibiting your muscle building mechanisms for a brief period, which causes it to "spring back" and build even more muscle as soon as you eat.

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