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Eco Friendly Packaging from Pukka (and a great offer for December!)

With the ever-growing consumer desire for less plastic and re-usable packaging we are pleased to see Pukka have been listening to their customers and have come up with some great alternative packaging and re-usable products!

Pukka Organic Latte’s
Their new Organic Lattes are not only delicious, full of herbal goodness, dairy free and organic – they are also in eco-friendly packaging.
The pouch its self is made from GMO Free paper that comes from reclaimed agriculture waste, who knew they could do that?! The ink on the packaging is ‘Earth Inks’ which are glycol and silicone free containing no heavy metals – even better!
All this means that the packaging ‘Industrially compostable’, so they will naturally degrade into CO2 and humus so should be disposed of with normal waste, one less item for the recycling.

Pukka Bamboo Cups
The Pukka Bamboo Cup is made from natural, rapidly renewable bamboo fibre. Bamboo is such a great eco resource as it is fast growing at 1-4 inches a day! It is also a strong and durable wood, which is why they use it build houses in Japan as it is said to be stronger than some steel alloys – wow.
These beautiful bamboo cups Pukka have created are not only made from renewable sources, they are: reusable, dishwasher safe, BPA free and even biodegradable at the end of the product life.

Pukka Organic Latte and Free Bamboo Cup Pack
As it is the season for gift giving, we have put a special bundle together for you at Evolution Organics!
If you buy 2 Pukka Organic latte’s of your choice you will receive a FREE Pukka Bamboo Cup in a choice of 2 styles – either ‘Revitalise’ (festive red and green) or ‘Mint Refresh’ (pretty blue and pink).

If you haven’t tried these delicious latte’s yet you are in for a treat! They come in the following flavours:
Turmeric Gold - A luscious blend with cardamom and saffron
Majestic Matcha Chai - A velvety blend with cinnamon and cardamom
Cacao Maca Magic - A luxuriously chocolatey blend with ashwagandha
Ginger Joy - A thrilling blend with turmeric and cardamom (my personal favourite!)

Follow the link to make your choice!

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