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Enhance virus defence naturally

Enhance virus defence naturally

27th Feb 2020

In today’s busy and challenging world, we find ourselves asking more and more of our bodies. The more we ask our bodies to do, the more likely we are to push things too far. This is when we risk developing illnesses and viruses.

Fortunately, your body has an inbuilt system to prevent the elements that lead to such nasty things taking over and leaving you feeling grim. The immune system is a phenomenal thing, and one we should be saying thank you for more than we do!

Our immune systems are one of our most prized assets. They allow us to get on with our day-to-day. They do the nasty work of fighting off all manner of potential threats to our physical wellbeing.

However, if your immune system is weakened, then there is a risk of a number of unwanted viral and other difficulties coming your way. This is why it is so important to make sure we give our bodies what they need to enhance our immune system and make it as strong and tough as possible. And as ever, at Evolution Organics, we believe in doing this in a natural way.

Our latest blog provides a guide on how our bodies encounter viruses, how our immune system reacts to them, and offers guidance on what we can do to give ourselves the best chance of being happy, healthy and virus free.

How do viruses work?

If you have ever had the sniffles or the common cold, the reason is because you have encountered a virus. If you have somehow managed to avoid ever having a common cold, please tell us your secret! Viruses can be the cause of everything from regular, everyday issues like colds through to very dangerous and even deadly conditions in the human body.

Virus particles, also known as virions, are absolutely miniscule. It’s strange how something so small can make us feel so bad! Virions are a thousand times smaller than bacteria, and bacteria isn’t as big as a human cell. You actually can’t even see a virion with a light microscope. You need an even more powerful piece of kit just to see these nasty blighters.

However, viruses don’t operate by themselves. They need a host, and these are the cells and bacterias that make up our bodies.

How do they find those hosts? 

They play the waiting game essentially. They are lying around until the opportunity to enter the human body is presented, and this can be through a number of ways. The most common are through the nose or mouth, or through breaks in the skin. 

Once within the body, the virus gets to work and starts searching for a host cell. From here, the virus essentially straps itself in and takes over the cell. It starts to put processes in place to take over more and more cells and reap havoc. 

This is how viral problems start, and before long you can feel really unwell as more and more of your cells succumb to the power of the virus.

How do our bodies react to viruses?

When something alien attacks our bodies, we are fortunate enough to have a natural army within us that will get to work tackling this nasty intrusion.

This natural army is our immune system. It’s an incredibly impressive and complex system that actually does more than we realise. It’s forever working to keep our bodies safe, secure and as healthy as it can be. It’s almost something that we as humans never fully appreciate, and can often only really come to mind when it isn’t acting as we would like it to.

There are lots of signs of our immune system at work. Red itchy bumps following bites are signs of our immune systems in action. When we digest something bad, it’s our immune system that helps get rid of this (often through admittedly not very pleasant means). And when a virus enters our systems, our immune system sets about tackling this too. 

The key element of this process is something called a T cell. T cells are armed with receptors that go around our bodies looking for virally infected cells, and get to work releasing elements that will prevent the virus from continuing to disrupt your very being.

What we can do to enhance our immune system?

At Evolution Organics, we offer a superb selection of supplements that can help boost the effectiveness of your immune system using natural means. We have put together a brilliant range of natural immunity supplements from a host of trusted suppliers.

Plant-based items have been found to be effective mediators and enhance our ability to fight off viruses. Our range therefore contains a host of plant-based products, including botanical extract products, curcumin, glutathione and hemp extract supplements.

You can also start boosting your immune system by using vitamin supplements. We offer a selection of multivitamin products, as well as specific vitamin products like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B. Specific favourites of ours include Altrient’s Liposomal Vitamin C, Oreganol from North American Herb & Spice, and Nature’s Answer Echinacea. Also take a look at Pukka Andrographis, Dr Mercola’s Fermented Elderberry tablets and Pukka’s Elderberry Syrups for more natural immunity supplements.

The products in our immunity range are designed to bring about a host of health benefits. So as well as providing your immune system with the kind of natural boost that can make such a difference, you can reap the benefits of these products across your day and feel great.

Natural virus defence is a great approach, so be sure to shop with Evolution Organics and find the right supplements for you today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.