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Why Bulletproof?

Over the last half a decade, Bulletproof has grabbed headlines and attention all over the world for their novel approach to ketogenic diet, coffee, nootropics and supplementation. Their range of excellent supplements is expansive, so here we’ll talk about just a few of our favourite products, and how you can use them to enhance your daily life, and make your routine bulletproof!

Coffee & MCT

Bulletproof’s coffee blend is simple and unique – intended to help you focus your mind, while giving you the energy to keep on performing. This ability is more than the product of the beans. By serving Bulletproof coffee with butter and MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), caffeine is released more slowly into your body, making your energy long-lasting and consistent.

MCTs are healthy saturated fats. They are much more easily used for energy by the body than other fats, and as such are highly effective at providing quick, healthy energy. By adding them to Bulletproof coffee, you set yourself up for whatever your day might throw at you, ready with energy and nutrition from the best possible source.


A nootropic, as you might know, is a supplement intended to give you a mental edge – also known as a cognitive enhancer. These supplements can help enhance cognition and memory, and Bulletproof is an expert in this field. Bulletproof Unfair Advantage contains both Active PQQ and CoQ10, to supercharge mitochondria. Unfair Advantage is unique because it contains Active PQQ, which is much more easily absorbed than traditional PQQ. The potential benefits of CoQ10 are too long to list here, but include reduction of fatigue and increased energy.

Bulletproof NeuroMaster is comprised of the highest quality coffee fruit extract in order to boost BDNF levels in the brain. In case you didn’t know, BDNF has been identified as a critical protein for neuron development and growth. Some studies have shown BDNF levels elevated by as much as 143% after consumption of coffee fruit extract.


It’s well known that cacao is filled with anti-oxidants (flavonoids) which are great for numerous aspects of your health. Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel bars contain absolutely no sugar, and are upgraded with MCT oils, delivering a health hit of organic, raw cacao. Raw cacao can contain as much as four times the cacao of processed powder, making these chocolate bars incredibly potent. The perfect snack to keep at hand, but also ideal for upgrading your cooking and baking.

We’re proud to be the UK’s leading provider of Bulletproof products. If you have any questions about Bulletproof products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff will only be too happy to help you.

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