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Our Guide To Organic Protein Supplements

Our Guide To Organic Protein Supplements

Posted by Jon Webb on 1st Aug 2017

Does the body really need protein to function at its best? Yes, it does. Protein acts as the building blocks towards a healthy life, and it’s essential for the repairing and production of bodily cells. If you’re someone who is lacking in this essential chain of amino acids and are looking for great organic alternatives, Evolution Organics are here to help.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the best organic protein supplements on the market, so you can discover easy ways to introduce more protein into your diet, whilst keeping things organic.

For sporting fans

If you take part in regular sports or physical activities, it’s important to make sure your body is getting an appropriate intake of protein to keep your muscles healthy and happy. To help keep yourself as fit as a fiddle and on top of your workout routine, we recommend Garden of Life organic plant based protein. Available in a useful little sachet, you can pop this clean, plant-based protein supplement into your gym bag and enjoy the benefits of its nutrients.

For everyday use

You don’t have to work out to take organic protein supplements. In fact, they’re perfectly safe and healthy to be regularly consumed to keep your protein intake consistent and at a good level. If you’re after an easy way to introduce some extra protein, why not try the Organic Food Bar protein bar? Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this little bar has 22g of protein and can be enjoyed whilst sat at your desk, relaxing on the sofa or when you’re on the go.

For a protein boost

Insufficient protein levels can have negative side effects. If you’ve noticed that your muscles are wasting and weakening and there are changes in your hair and nail condition, you might need an extra dose of protein. SunWarrior classic plus protein is just the right organic protein supplement for the job. Made up of a gentle combination of whole-grain and brown rice, whilst still packing a hefty dose of protein strength, this can help to boost your protein intake.

However, if you do feel unwell, we recommend consulting a GP first and don’t forget to have a balanced diet full of nutritious foods and drinks!

With such a large range of organic protein supplements to choose from, everyone can find the perfect dosage, format and flavour from Evolution Organics. Now that you know more about how to increase your protein intake, why not start your protein journey today?