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Cream of Mushroom with Coconut Milk

Mushroom soup is definitively one of my favourite hot meals - whatever the weather and my mood. It always filling, and incredibly comforting. A classic home-made cream of mushroom soup recipe c…

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Brand of the Month; Four Sigmatic

For 11 years, Four Sigmatic has been serving up mushroom and adaptogen packed blends to improve your life. The mission; to help you feel your best. Whether that's your body or your mind, Four Sigm…

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Mushroom Coffee – The Latest Trend For Fast & Healthy Energy

Mushroom drinks have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for their potential anti-aging, stress-reducing, and energy supporting properties. Mushroom “coffee” was also used…

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How Might Cordyceps Mushrooms Boost Your Health?

Cordyceps mushrooms are something of a gem in the world of organic health products.Coming into the spotlight in the mid-1990s, cordyceps were highlighted as the reason why a number of Chinese long-dis…

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Product Review - Four Sigmatic's range!

I am very excited about today's review as I've been a fan of the Four Sigmatic range since I found out about them a few years ago. I love their whole range but especially their coffee, elixi…

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