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Product Review - Four Sigmatic's range!

Product Review - Four Sigmatic's range!

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 31st Oct 2017

I am very excited about today's review as I've been a fan of the Four Sigmatic range since I found out about them a few years ago. I love their whole range but especially their coffee, elixirs and hot cacao (so basically everything Evolution Organics sells from their truly wonderful range).

Now, you might wonder what they are, what they do? Simply put, Four Sigmatic have concocted high end hot drinks in a powdered form made from... wait for it... adaptogenic mushrooms.

Drinking medicinal mushrooms might sound like a fad but Cordycep, Reishi, Lion's Mane & Chaga have been consumed for thousands of years. Their benefits on overall health and wellness are numerous (see a few below). Adaptogenic mushrooms are definitively going mainstream and having their well deserved time in the spotlight and we're seeing more and more of them in teas, chocolate, bottled drinks and snacks.

This is how Four Sigmatic does it:
  1. Start with a mushroom (or a few)
  2. Extract all the goodness
  3. Carefully dry for the best bioavailability
  4. Mix up the recipe by adding lots of health promoting all natural ingredients such as ginseng, herbs, spices and more
  5. Test to make sure all is fine & deliver to you... 

“Mushroom Juice?! How the heck do you make that?”

Juice, no. But mushroom in liquid form, yes. It sounds like a weird new concept, but indigenous people have actually been drinking their mushrooms for thousands of years in the form of teas and soups. Even though it ain’t the simplest thing to get mushrooms from the forest to your cup, it’s not rocket science either. ...

What does adaptogenic mean? To put it simply it's a substance that enables the body to overcome stress factors by developing a resistance. Basically adaptogens have normalising effects on the body.

Now for the taste - Their coffees taste like rich, smooth coffee and nothing else. No hint of mushrooms whatsoever. The coffee versions are made from 100% arabica coffee with a hint of mushroom (they have a few coffee options). Then their Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi tastes the same as a hot chocolate and it's especially tasty made with half water and half coconut milk.

The elixirs are another thing. I love the effect adaptogenic mushrooms have on my health, I can definitively see and feel a change. They taste a bit earthy with a hint of sweetness to make them yummy. We are fans at home and I am converting my friends to the range with great success.

With so much choice, what will you try?