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Purelife Health USA 304 Stainless Steel Enema Kit - 1Qt



Purelife Health Equipment takes your health seriously and offers only the finest quality of materials. The USA Made PureLife are highly anti-corrosive, durable, and long lasting. They are safely made in the USA using clean, inspected USA 304 grade stainless steel.

Purelife Health USA 304 Stainless Steel Enema Kit - 1Qt


  • 1.25 Quart Purelife 304 Grade Stainless Steel Enema Bucket - Made in USA - Holds 4 Cups for up to 1 enema.
  • 5 Feet x 5/16" diameter silicone tubing with clinch clamp - Made in the USA. 100% Non Toxic. Latex and BPA free.
  • 1 Tubing Clinch Clamp
  • 1 - 3" Medical Plastic Enema Tip and 1 - 5" Women's Douche Tip
  • Instruction Guide

This PureLife Enema Bucket is durable and can last a lifetime. It has an excellent resistance to corrosion, making it the safest and best choice for coffee enemas.
The PureLife Enema Kit is BPA and latex-free, making it the right choice for those who suffer from chemical or latex allergies. The stainless steel enema kit is hygienic and can be sterilized. It will not leech any toxins, as can happen with enema bags. The PureLife Enema Kit includes superior latex-free platinum cured silicone tubing that can be re-used and sterilized by boiling in water.

The enema nozzle is small and comfortable to insert.  The Purelife Stainless Steel Enema Kit helps anyone to easily perform an enema in the comfort of their own home. Easy to clean and no leeching of chemicals. Stainless steel buckets are the safest way to take an enema. Recommended for coffee enemas.

What Size is Best?

  • 1 Quart is great for 1 enema
  • 2 Quart is best for 1-2 enemas
  • 3 Quart is best for 3-4 enemas, back to back, without refilling