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Non toxic air freshener

We all want to be greeted by a pleasant, clean and fresh home but cooking, pets and having our windows closed most days can sometimes mean that our houses smell, let's say, a bit stale?

Air fresheners (this includes candles, sprays, powders, etc) are pretty much a staple in the majority of homes nowadays but are you aware that the majority sold on the market are truly harmful for your family and pets? Many contain phthalates, chemicals known to cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems.

There are many ways to clean your home using safe food stuff such as lemons, salt, vinegar and of course bicarbonate of soda. So here is my extremely simple, completely natural air freshener

What you will need:
A small glass jar with a lid (I use a tiny kilner jar)
Natural essential oil (I love grapefruit, lavender, and eucalyptus)
Bicarbonate of soda
Tealight candle

How to:
Mix 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with up to 10 drops of essential oil, spoon the mix in the glass jar, add the candle, light it up and voila! Close the jar to make the air freshener last longer and add a few drops of essential oil now and again to bring it back to life.


Try Absolute Aromas Aroma-Nebuliser. A professional cold air Aroma-Nebuliser which changes the essential oil from liquid to an extremely fine mist without destroying any chemical constituents.

2 thoughts on “Non toxic air freshener”

  • Crystal Hunter

    So pleased to find this!!! I hate commercial air fresheners! As well as knowing they have harmful ingredients, they FEEL toxic, catching in my throat and feeling as if they've gone down to my chest! Problem is, my partner is pretty attached to using them, so haven't been able to avoid them!!!! Have been trying for a while to find an 'effective' solution! Tried simmering citrus fruits and pine needles! That was nice only for the time it simmered away on the stove (hours!) and did nothing at all after, when put in a spray bottle!!! This tip sounds great! And have all those things right here!! However, this may sound naïve of me, but am concerned about lighting a candle in a glass jar!!!! Is that really what you do? Light it and drop it in the mixture in a glass jar? Is it just for a minute, quick blast, job done, blow it out? Or do you leave it burning?
    PS please feel free to tell me if 'leaving a comment' means leaving a short, punchy statement rather than this and does not involve asking any questions!!!! I'm novice to this whole online lark. As, I imagine, is evident!!!:)

    • Marie-Eve Maitland
      Marie-Eve Maitland August 8, 2016 at 12:52 pm

      Hey Crystal

      Your comment is very appreciated, questions are welcomed :) Yes, you leave the candle burning whilst you are at home on top of the essential oil/bicarb mixture (obviously with the lid off the jar...). It's completely safe, I have been using this trick for ages.

      Thank you for getting in touch and I hope your partner likes this new, natural and toxic free air freshener!
      In Health

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