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Henry features in Holistic Therapist Magazine

Henry features in Holistic Therapist Magazine

Posted by Jon Webb on 11th Oct 2018

An interview with Evolution Organics founder Henry Maitland features in the latest issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine.

With the aim of providing relevant, interesting content to practising and studying holistic professionals, Holistic Therapist Magazine launched in January 2012 and acts as a platform for therapists to share their stories and opinions.

Henry was selected to feature in the ‘journeys’ section of Issue 27 of the magazine. This is where a selected industry figure is invited to discuss their life and how they got to where they are.

Henry explains his beginnings in the field of health and wellness, and discusses the influence Paul Chek had and continues to have on his thinking and work.

Having faced challenges of both a physical and emotional nature in his life, Henry talks about how such things can be viewed as opportunities to develop higher knowledge and learn more about recovery and healing.

There is also a discussion around finding the optimum work/life balance, and thinking of these things not as a conflict but something that should be harmonised.

Henry concludes by outlining his personal philosophy and what he looks to bring to his work and the wider Evolution Organics organisation.

You can get hold of a copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine here.