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Discover the new Evolution Organics office!

We are incredibly excited to announce the opening and show you the new office for Evolution Organics. This is a huge step forwards for us and for the brand and one that we are very grateful for. Those of you that occasionally read my posts will know that I am philosophically minded and have a strong focus on integrity for all aspects of the Evolution Organics brand. This is central to a health and wellness business as the quality of the products we sell are paramount to your health and so the success of our brand. One hopes, that following this path will lead to good Karma, to opportunities unfolding and this was certainly the case with our new office.

The time had come for us to move on from our old space in the converted farm buildings. For one thing the lease was up and the buildings were being developed to residential which does somewhat force the point but we were also maxed out, had no more space so we knew it was time to look for the next step.

As we started to look around we began to realise that we potentially had a tough move ahead. How do we find a space that's bigger so that we have room to grow, that provides an optimal temperature controlled environment for products so that we maximise the integrity of the products on their journey to you and also provide a healthy happy work environment for the team whilst not increasing costs?! Well, sometimes, as I say, one must surrender a great depth and move one’s feet!

So, I did, I practiced deeply what I teach my clients and I do my best to share with you. I let myself experience the fear and the uncertainty, to become consciously aware of what was coming up so that it did not cloud my perception. I then acted from intuition, to see what came up and felt right whilst taking all action that I could.

Within a week of formally beginning my search I had a chance meeting with an estate agent whom I had worked with just a few months before. I mentioned that it was time to find a place and he pulled the profile of a building from his file and said that there was not much around and that we should take a look.  I was intuitively engaged, I drove down that afternoon to take a look as this was the first building I had seen that looked viable from most perspectives.

It turns out, by complete chance, that the building next door is occupied by an old colleague of mine and that they had been given the opportunity for a radical redevelopment of the warehouse to turn it in to a stunning contemporary space to build their brand and business. By extraordinary fortune, a bit of luck and a lot of generosity from all involved we were offered the same opportunity. The deal was done and the build commenced and we are now in and all the boxes have been ticked … and unpacked!

We have a stunning space that reflects our brand ideals. Great architecture can lift us, inspire us and bring us to new heights and vision. This space allows us to have a perfect temperature controlled space to store all the wonderful products that we bring in from around the world to offer the highest level of nutritional integrity in each and every product. We have ample space to expand meaning we can offer you more in the months and years to come. Customers of Evolution Organics have an exciting time ahead as we push forwards and take bold steps to offer an even better service alongside a deeper richer website and a lot more high-quality industry leading health and wellness products. Evolution Organics is THE health and wellness shop to have an account with!

I look forward to sharing more about our journey and our vision for the business in the months to come, we thank you for being a part of this unfolding story and look forward to helping you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland


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