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6 health hacks to survive work overload

6 health hacks to survive work overload

Posted by Henry Maitland on 16th Sep 2016

I was getting wiped out. Working long hours one to one with clients, often dealing with highly complex biomechanical pain issues, only to step out of one office straight on to the front-lines of the web development for the new Evolution Organics website.

Two full time jobs and a very beautiful but very new baby daughter. Sleep deprivation at one end and full on capital raising, website development madness at the other!  

This kind of situation and working pace is not uncommon and I’ve spent a lot of time treating people who have literally depleted themselves to the point of what can seem to be unrecoverable exhaustion.

Fortunately for me I have over 20 years of experience and training in how to retain optimal health whilst working very hard. All of this training very recently came in to full effect.

My life is indeed rich and full and the recent web build along with managing my clients and home life with a new daughter was certainly a profound test for my health, and how hard I can push both my physiological and psychological systems without breaking anything…yet!

The key foundations that allow me to work very hard when needed and maintain optimal health are simple and when on the front lines are best adhered to religiously.

Eating to maintain physiological balance 

Never miss breakfast making sure you have adequate organically sourced protein fats and oils. It’s key to get the blood sugar balanced and prepare the body for the day to come. Enough fat and oil are key to optimal psychological balance, whilst under pressure you need all the help you can get.

Filtered clean water supply 

Stay hydrated, this promotes all physiological systems to run better, the gut to work effectively and the mind to stay sharp. Hydration is key to high energy levels!

Optimal sleep cycles 

Try to get a clear 8 hours of sleep a night getting to bed by 10pm and up by 6am. If you have a baby or small children then try to make plans to get a break when you need it so that you can sleep a whole night though.

Focused contemplation or meditation 

Take some time out in the garden, park or woods. Even better practice a focused meditation. This for me is the key, the binding principle that allows the greatest apparent obstacles in life to become the greatest opportunities for growth and healing. It’s like alchemy, one can turn trauma in to wisdom and healing

Take appropriate exercise 

When under high degrees of physiological pressure take your exercise programme down a few notches. Gentle aerobic training or core training are good as one can achieve a lot at lower intensities, so less pressure on an already over taxed system.

Supplementation, the next level! 

When pushing the body beyond the normal physiological limits, optimal health may not be enough - we need some health hacks! I use gentle botanical supplements such as plant oils and turmeric on a daily basis however when needed I can tweak the system with Bulletproof and Natural Stacks products for even higher performance. Warning! - This is like running a bank account, make sure have credit before pushing beyond normal limits and make sure you pay back the debt! Respect the foundations of optimal health.

In all normal circumstances of life the 6 keys above are more than enough to keep me vibrant and healthy even when I’m on the front lines of life, however I was working though unprecedented physiological territory! I took a walk around the Evolution Organics warehouse for inspiration as I could feel that I needed a greater level of specific adrenal support and this level of specify is exactly what I found in AdrenoMax.