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Increased Metabolism

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  • North American Herb & Spice ChagaBoost - 240ml

    North American Herb and Spice

    North American Herb & Spice ChagaBoost - 240ml


    ChagaBoost is a potent formula based on freeze-dried Russian black chaga, a dense source of SOD, melanin, and beta glucan as well as the all-important wild chaga sterols. These healthy sterols include betulin and betulinic acid. The same extract you know...

Boost your metabolism, burn more calories, have more energy!

There are many ways that we can increase energy levels and we need very different solutions for different situations. At the healing level we may need krill or fish oil along with vitamin D and glutathione (found in whey) to aid the rehabilitation of mitochondrial function. We could use MCT oil or coconut oil to boost our metabolism, or we might need immediate energy from a whole food plant based energy snack to get through our everyday lives! Whatever your needs, you should find what you're looking for below.