The basis of almost all chemical reactions, to be deficient is to diminish the value of all supplementation

Enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all biochemical reactions occurring in cells by millions of times, reactions that would hypothetically take years take fractions of a second. Enzymes respond optimally under very specific conditions primarily influenced by heat and Ph. Optimal enzymatic activity occurs at normal body temperature and within a slightly alkaline environment, thus the emphasis on alkaline promoting foods. Raw foods are a key way to ensure that we get enough enzymes in the body taking pressure of the pancreas, such things as raw dairy, Kamboucha and fresh wheat grass juice. Find below a range of products to assist in optimizing your enzymatic activity, known as the fountain of life!

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  • PuraDyme LiyfZyme Powder - 9oz

    PuraDyme LiyfZyme Powder - 9oz

  • Nutri Advanced Superfood - 302g

    Nutri Advanced Superfood - 302g

  • PuraDyme ENHANCE Program

    PuraDyme ENHANCE Program

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  • PuraDyme OPTIMIZE Program

    PuraDyme OPTIMIZE Program

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  • PuraDyme REGENERATE Program

    PuraDyme REGENERATE Program

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