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Butter and Ghee

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  • Ossa Organic Tallow - 265g


    Ossa Organic Tallow - 265g


    100% pure beef fat made from animals that are grass fed to organic standards. Rich in CLA & omega 3’s. An excellent source of clean, natural and non-toxic energy for the body with a high smoke point perfect for cooking and frying...

  • Neutrient Butterfat Keto MCT Powder - 350g


    Neutrient Butterfat Keto MCT Powder - 350g


    Wake up your fat burning with Butterfat Keto - the ultimate keto creamer. Butterfat keto is a unique powder blend of coconut sourced MCT oil containing C8 medium chain triglycerides with deliciously creamy organic ghee and butter from grass-fed,...

If you're looking for exceptional butter to spread on your sourdough bread – organic butter made from nuts which is high in protein and tastes great – then you've come to the right place. Evolution Organics can offer you a wide range of natural butters, all from leading brands, such as Green Pasture, Pukka, Higher Nature, Bulletproof, and others.

An excellent source of nutrition

As well as being easily spreadable (not to mention a treat for the taste buds!), some of our butters can be used as a safe and healthy cooking oil. For example, Higher Nature Organic Coconut Butter is the perfect cooking oil and dairy-free spread. Talking of coconut, we can also offer you Pasture Virgin Oil Blend Coconut Ghee, which is an excellent source of nutritious fat as well as being incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking. And it can even be used in both hair and skin care.

Antioxidant-rich butter that tastes simply divine

Cacao Butter is always a firm favourite with those seeking an antioxidant-rich butter made from organically grown cocoa beans – a delightfully rich and chocolate flavour processed at low temperatures. Bulletproof Upgraded Cacao Butter, available to buy from us is a raw, organic, cacao butter made from the highest quality ingredient (where a low toxin process is used). For those who enjoy nothing more than spending an afternoon crafting sweet-tasting   masterpieces, cacao butter is undoubtedly a confectionary cook's best friend.

Combining incredible taste with highly nutritious ingredients

By opting for natural butter spreads sourced from the world's best providers, you're choosing to protect your health but without compromising on flavour. Of course, controlling the weekly shop cost by purchasing non-organic butter spreads is understandable, but by paying just a bit more you get a health food that is kinder to your heart as well as helping you to control your weight, all without putting yourself at the risk of potentially damaging GMOs!