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  • The Clay Cure Company Epsom Salt - 500g

    The Clay Cure Company

    The Clay Cure Company Epsom Salt - 500g


    Regular use of Epsom Salt has been shown to improve and relieve the symptoms of many conditions. The magnesium and sulphate will stimulate the circulation, reduce inflammation and assist the process of flushing out toxins and heavy metals from the cells...

  • The Clay Cure Company Dead Sea Salt - 500g

    The Clay Cure Company

    The Clay Cure Company Dead Sea Salt - 500g


    From the saline and mineral rich marshes of the Dead Sea. Purest grade therapeutic salts for detoxification and rejuvenation. Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt Directions: For maximum benefit, fill the bath and use 2 cups of salt. Soak for 20 minutes...

Feel increased energy and vitality with considered detoxification

The vast majority of the products we sell will be helpful in the process of general body detoxification; however, we know that some pack more punch and work more specifically than others. Whether you are looking for fungal, parasite, intestinal, heavy metal or general detox you will find a carefully selected range of the highest quality and potency (mostly organic and naturally sourced) products to assist in your journey.   

Why detox?

These days it seems that people everywhere are 'detoxing', doesn't it? But what does that mean exactly? What are the benefits? And how can detox supplements assist in the human body's detoxification process?

In answering those questions, the first (hugely important) thing to say is that all detoxification should be carried out safely. Don't simply dive into the whole detox process without doing a little research first. The key things to know about detoxification, and how to know which the best detox supplements for you are, are these:

  • Toxins are everywhere – in the things we eat, in the atmosphere, in chemicals, in metals...
  • Your body 'stores' toxins in different types of cells and also in body tissue
  • Being exposed to toxins over several years can prove detrimental to both your physical and mental health
  • By using natural and organic supplements you are helping to strengthen your immune system, assist in weight loss and increase mental clarity.
  • Toxins can contribute towards weight gain, due to them affecting your metabolism
  • Your body does have powerful natural detoxification systems,  but boosting it through a change of diet (or simply adding things to your current diet), and through utilising detoxification supplements can aid in the supercharging of your detoxification process, giving harmful toxins less time to do damage.

Always here to help

OK, with our checklist done, take a look through the supplements for detoxification that Evolution Organics can offer you, at affordable prices and with fast and reliable delivery being guaranteed. Have a good read of the product descriptions making sure you’re choosing the best for you. And if it’s a bit more information you require about detox products before making your decision, simply get in touch with us. One of our friendly team will be happy to help!