High-quality bars as meal replacements

Are nutritious shakes the only option when it comes to grabbing a quick and easy meal replacement? Not at all. Bars as meal replacements are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. And the good news for dedicated bar devotees and is that there are so many different types to choose from, meaning there's always another new bar on the market to sample and enjoy.

The Evolution Organics team has done their homework and put together a marvellous selection of bars all available to buy right here at our website, and at competitive prices. All are from leading brands, and you can buy them as single/individual bars, in packs of three or more, or in multi-packs/boxes.

Powerhouse products that are great cost-effective alternatives

Bars as nutritional products can do much more than 'just' boost energy. Grab one before, during or after a hard day and get a powerhouse product packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and more. Also feel good about resisting a sugar laden 'traditional' chocolate bar – by opting for a health and wellbeing-enhancing (specially formulated recipe) bar instead.

Satisfy your hunger FAST

They might not look big, but bars can be used to satisfy a truly ravenous hunger, leaving you feeling full and giving you all the 'fuel in the tank' you need to tackle tasks. Feel strong. Get through the day without flagging or needing an emergency sandwich break.

People who purchase bars in different flavours as meal replacements find they make them a mainstay on their regular shopping list, never going back to buying 'mass market snack bars'. They can be enjoyed with a cool or hot drink, unaccompanied, and at any time of the day, saving time on food purchasing, preparation and serving up (oh, and there's no dishes to wash up afterwards either!).

Enjoy browsing our eclectic selection of bars from leading brands, and then simply order the ones that take your fancy. And if you're not a newcomer to all this, but a seasoned bar eater seeking something new and different, here you'll find extra special bars that are unlikely to be on offer anywhere else online. Trust Evolution Organics to, ahem, raise the bar!

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