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  1. Pukka Organic Peace Tea - 20 bags

    Sit, breathe deeply and weave your body and mind into a world of magical herbal gifts. Stillness settles in those who discover their true centre. Find it in organic chamomile flowers, hemp and ashwagandha. The finest jewels from the treasure chest of natural peace. A cup of true tranquility. Learn More
  2. Nutiva MCT Powder (Unflavored) - 300g

    Our Organic MCT Powder starts with our Organic MCT Oil, which is made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil. To ensure that the quality fats blend perfectly into any beverage, we add prebiotic acacia fiber and a small amount of tapioca maltodextrin to deliver the same goodness in powdered form. Simply pure, clean fuel with zero net carbs. Learn More
  3. Dr Mercola Organic Fermented Greens - 270g

    Dr. Mercola's Organic Fermented Greens includes an array of fermented grasses, vegetables, sprouts, herbs and algae for a wide range of nutritional diversity. Learn More

  4. Dr Mercola Organic Fermented Fruits - 270g

    Dr. Mercola's Organic Fermented Fruits includes an array of whole fermented fruit powders and pomegranate juice packed with anti-oxidants. The fermentation process not only reduces the naturally occurring sugars, resulting in 0g of sugar per serving; it also helps to make the nutrients easier to digest, allowing for improved absorption of all those beneficial polyphenols. Now you can obtain the beneficial nutrients in fruit without ingesting the high concentrations of sugar typically present.

    Learn More
  5. The Clay Cure Company Himalayan Crystal (fine) - 1Kg

    Himalayan Salt is the purest salt on Earth. Never exposed to any environmental impurities for over 250 million years. Himalayan Salt contains all the 84 elements found in your body. Learn More
  6. Berkey Water - Sight Glass Spigot (Travel and Big Berkey Systems) - 7.5 inch
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    Add this to your Berkey system to see how much water is inside and also get 2 times faster run through of water out of the spigot.**This size is for the Travel and Big Berkey Systems.** Learn More
  7. Berkey Water - PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements (Pack of 2)

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    The PF-2 fluoride filters are attached to the Black Berkey filters for the removal of fluoride. Learn More
  8. Berkey Water - Black Purification Elements (Pack of 2)

    At Berkey Filters, we utilize advanced and powerful filters that we call our Black Berkey™ filter elements. The Black Berkey™ filters used in all of our systems take water filtration to a new level. Learn More
  9. Berkey Water - Go Berkey Kit with Black Berkey Primer

    The compact Go Berkey Kit is designed for camping, backpacking, school or travel. Lightweight and easily transportable small system with an extra Sports Bottle for gym or hiking. Learn More
  10. Berkey Water - Berkey Sport Bottle (22oz) - 650ml

    The 22oz. Sport Berkey Portable Water bottle is the ideal choice for a personal traveling companion - featuring Berkey's exclusive IONIC ADSORPTION MICRO FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY. Learn More

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