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  • North American Herb & Spice EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist - 237ml

    North American Herb and Spice

    North American Herb & Spice EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist - 237ml


    EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist is the purest, most natural room spray available. Made with lemongrass oil along with the all-powerful natural, potent oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, and black seed, nothing can match its air cleansing powers. The aroma is...

  • Incognito Room Refresher - 40g

    Incognito Anti-Mosquito

    Incognito Room Refresher - 40g


    Incognito® room refresher - This handy little tub will keep insects out of a room for up to 3 months if lid is replaced when not in use, or 3 weeks if used continuously. With a fresh pine and citrus aroma this is a perfect way to keep your house free of...

Natural and organic products to bring peace, calm, relaxation and more.

Find a thoughtfully curated range or natural and organic products to enhance a calm, peaceful and healthy bedroom environment. Find balms and oils for mood, massage and relaxation alongside teas and supplements to help one sleep. Find also soaps that can be used to help promote a calm pre bedtime vibe so that you flow in to sleep with greater ease and peace. A good night’s sleep begins with a relaxed and peaceful mind.