Opt for pure fruit snacks when making a firm commitment to better health

OK, we know that all fruit is good for you, so why opt for fruit products and fruit snacks that are specially for the seriously health conscious? Well, the old adage that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" may still bear some credence for some of us, but there's a lot more to making a firm commitment to taking better care of yourself than simply grabbing an apple, pear or banana whenever you need a fruit fix!

Making fruit health support products an integral part of your weekly diet, and making the most of them as a green superfood, can help you feel and look better as well as contributing to your performance in the gym, on the running track, in the swimming pool... But fruit products are by no means just for sporty types. No way. They're for everyone to enjoy, be they man, woman or child, at any age.

Fruit snacks – so many options

Evolution Organics can offer you a varied range of fruit products available to buy, all sourced from leading suppliers – Goodness Foods, Nua Naturals, Bear Pure Fruit, Creative Nature, and The Raw Chocolate Company, amongst others.

We especially love super food berries, golden berries and Goji berries! With their massive nutritional power they’re a must-have when it comes to fruit snacks. And we've got them all right here. 

Besides all the super food berries goodness you can get, at Evolution Organics we also provide other snacks and bear fruits which are a great option for your children, when they want a treat. Say goodbye to sugar-loaded sweets and hello to healthy, organic fruit snacks!

Absolutely no compromise on taste

If you want fruit snacks that are 1) affordable, 2) sustainably produced, 3) robust when it comes to nutritional value, and 4) a delicious treat for your taste buds whenever you want to grab something quick and easy, then you're sure to find something to suit you amongst the Evolution Organics fruit snacks range below.

Oh, and if you're an experienced fruit snacks devotee, why not 'keep your eyes peeled' for something new to try!

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  • Creative Nature Goji Berries - 150g

    Creative Nature Goji Berries - 150g

  • Creative Nature Goji Berries - 300g

    Creative Nature Goji Berries - 300g


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