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Natural Sweetners

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  • NKD Living Stevia Powder Pure - 25g

    NKD Living

    NKD Living Stevia Powder Pure - 25g


    NKD Living's high quality non-GMO pure stevia powder (Reb-A > 98%) has a sweetness of 470 times that of regular sugar with zero calories. A Free spoon is included! Directions: 1g of stevia powder is equivalent to the sweetness of 470g of sugar...

  • NKD Living Powdered Erythritol - 200g

    NKD Living

    NKD Living Powdered Erythritol - 200g


    Powdered erythritol is a zero calorie icing sugar replacement used to sweeten just about anything! It is a very fine powder with a similar texture to icing sugar so dissolves very quickly. It is ideal for recipes where a faster dissolving and finer sugar...

The healthy way to add a little sweetness

We all know refined sugar is terrible for our health however this does not mean we don't like a little sweetness now and again. Below you will find ways to add sweetness to your life whilst avoiding the damaging effects of refined sugar. Many of these products also contain a range of health promoting properties.

To replace traditional sugar why not choose honey, stevia, coconut sugar (or syrup), or Erythritol. Or if you feel virtuous, NAHS produces sweeteners from the Yacon plant, pomegranate or dates.