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Santevia Pitcher Replacement Filter - Pack of 3



The Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter is custom-designed to be used with the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher. Recreating the earth's natural filtration system, Santevia adds calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals while reducing chlorine taste, chlorine odour, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and agricultural contaminants. Each filter can provide you and your family will clean, eco-friendly, cost-effective mineralized alkaline water for up to twice as long as most water pitcher filters. Make sure to replace your filter every two months for optimum product efficacy. **3 replacement filters for the Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher ONLY and NOT for the Santevia Alkaline Pitcher MINA Slim.**

Santevia Pitcher Replacement Filter - Pack of 3

**3 replacement filters for the Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher ONLY and NOT for the Santevia Alkaline Pitcher MINA Slim.**

  • Filters chlorine by up to 99%
  • Makes water alkaline
  • Adds calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals
  • Filter life: 180 GAL or 60 days

Today's water is processed. City tap water treatment removes healthy trace minerals and reduces alkalinity (pH) while adding harsh chemical disinfectants. Santevia takes out tap water contaminants and restores natural minerals in your water giving you clean, mineralized and naturally alkaline water, the way nature intended. Healthy never tasted so good. 

Better water, done naturally.

1. Makes water alkaline

2. Adds healthy minerals Calcium and Magnesium

3. Reduces up to 99% chlorine and lead

4. Boosts energy with electrolytes

5. BPA Free