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Q-Link Acrylic STR-3 Pendant (Botanical Green)



Q-Link’s bestselling Pendant and flagship product is stylish and offers exceptional value. Designed by renowned artist Neville Brody with clean lines and a slim profile - it's timeless, utilitarian and complements a wide range of lifestyles. Available in a varied selection of colours, lightweight, durable and waterproof.

At the very heart of all Q-Link® products is the proprietary crystalline core which we call Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). It is this SRT-core that reinforces the body’s resonance, returning it to a clearer and more balanced natural state. Q-Link products are programmed with an array of natural frequencies that resonate with the body's natural energy frequencies. The resulting resonant effect is similar to the healthy, energizing experiences we have in nature, in positive interactions with others, and while participating in self-balancing, restorative activities. And because it takes less effort and energy to maintain an object already functioning at more ideal “resonance frequencies”, the more often you wear or use Q-Link, the better it can work for you.

  • Extremely durable and waterproof.
  • Requires no batteries and no maintenance.
  • Easy to use - simply wear it inside or outside a shirt or blouse, facing either way.
  • It requires no special care just remove grease or dirt with a soapy cloth and rinse.
  • Includes 36" adjustable comfort cord.

Casing: Durable, hypo-allergenic injection moulded acrylic .

Weight: 6g

Dimensions: W: 36mm X H: 37mm X D: 3mm