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Enerhealth Organic (Adaptogenic) Cocoa Mojo - 340.5g



Cocoa Mojo is a delicious, hot cocoa powder. An organic, fair-trade product, and the combination of organic palm sugar, South American cocoa and amazing mushrooms make it a one-of-a-kind superfood product that you simply mix with hot water.

Cocoa Mojo is 100% Certified Organic Cocoa Powder that is delicious and great for the entire family. Sweetened with Organic Coconut Palm Sugar and infused with herbs to support your immune system, Cocoa Mojo is perfect for anyone who loves cocoa but is looking for a healthy, organic, fair trade quality product.

Does it taste like mushrooms? NO! This is just a delicious cocoa powder that is organic, delicious, and good for you.

Basic Info:

  • Size: 12 oz
  • Serving Per Bag: 28 (depends how chocolately you like it)
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

Instructions: Mix 1 Tablespoon per 8 oz of your favourite liquid (milk, water, soy/nut milks). Excellent with Coconut Milk Powder

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Non-Dutched (no alkaloids) Single-Estate Latin American Cocoa, Organic Extracts of: Agaricus Blazei, Cordyceps Sinensis, Grifola Frondosa, Ganoderma Lucidum, Coriollus Versicolor, Lentinula Edodes.