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Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo Skin Spray - 100ml

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Cellnutritions Dermo Skin Spray contains all 78 bioavailable Minerals and Trace Elements.

The action of spraying on the skin has a double dermatological effect: the spray method oxygenates the dynamic hypertonic solution and the friction of it mechanically massages, rubs, and stimulates the skin exactly the same as we experience in the waves of the sea. This enables the skin to directly absorb all 78 minerals and trace elements.

Cellnutrition Dermo Skin Spray is suitable for all

Directions: Apply the skin spray on the affected area. It can be used multiple times per day or as needed, depending on the severity of symptoms. Can be used on burns, wounds, sunburn, and cold sores and also as a makeup primer

Ingredients: 40% Mineral-rich seawater, 60% Natural Spring Water 


Calcium Ca, Iron Fe, Scandium Sc, Thorium Th, Chromium Cr, Silver Ag, Lutetium Lu, Germanium Ge, Niobium Nb, Holmium Ho, Molybdenum Mo, Indium In, Hafnium Hf, Samarium Sm, Lanthanum La, Zirconium Zr, Silicon Si, Tellurium Te, Ytterbium, Nickel Ni, Rubidium Rb, Lead Pb, Selenium Se, Strontium Sr, Sulfur S, Tantalum Ta, Thallium Tl, Phosphorus P, Beryllium Be, Praseodymium Pr, Potassium K, Cadmium Cd, Thulium Tm, Mercury Hg, Gallium Ga, Barium Ba, Magnesium Mg, Neodymium Nd, Uranium U, Osmium Os, Gadolinium Gd, Cerium Ce ND, Aluminium Al, Lithium Li, Manganese Mn, Cobalt Co, Europium Eu, Dysprosium Dy, Bismuth Bi, Bromine Br, Yttrium Y, Antimony Sb, Iridium Ir, Gold Au, Tin Sn, Arsenic As, Zinc Zn, Platinum Pt, Iodine I, Ruthenium Ru, Sodium Na, Rhodium Rh, Cesium Cs, Boron B, Copper Cu, Terbium Tb, Tungsten W, Erbium Er, Rhenium Re, Titanium Ti, Vanadium V, Palladium Pd


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