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Why Omega 3 is important in your diet

Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to be essential for health and wellbeing for almost 100 years.

Many diets, such as those found in places like the Mediterranean and Japan, are rich in Omega-3. What’s more, it’s been found that the native populations in these areas have a much lower risk of developing heart disease and various other chronic health conditions.

In recent years, studies have uncovered many other potential benefits to Omega-3 consumption. Evidence that Omega-3 can help alleviate anxiety and low mood(1), and could reduce inflammation in the body(2) overall.

oily fish

The best-known source of Omega-3s is oily fish, such as mackerel, kippers and salmon to name a few. There are also some other plant-based sources, such as chia seeds, raw hemp and lingonberry. However, unless you’re fully committed to a rich and varied diet, and are instead following a typical western diet, it’s likely that you’re experiencing a deficit in Omega-3. If this is indeed the case, an Omega-3 supplement might be ideal for you.

Opti3 Omega3

One of our favourites is Opti3 Omega3, which is ideal for vegans who may be unable to consume oily fish. Similarly, Opti3 is completely gluten-free, GMO-free, dairy-free and made from only the purest ingredients and sustainable sources. That means you can relax and enjoy a truly excellent source of Omega-3.

How about children? Everyone knows it can be challenging to cajole kids into eating the right foods at the best of times. However when you’re trying to convince them to take a supplement every day, it takes something exceptionally special.

Omega3 for kids

For this purpose, we have Eskimo 3 Bright Kids Orange Jelly Splats – an Omega-3 supplement designed especially for kids to enjoy. Not only do they have a tasty orange flavour, but they’re also completely chewable. Made from fish oils sourced from sustainable fisheries, this supplement has fantastic bioavailability, as its oils are in triglyceride form, which has a high level of absorption in the body.

For those of you looking for a premium fish oil –  which can confer many more benefits than a traditional Omega-3 supplement – we recommend Cleanmarine Krill Oil. Krill are mini crustaceans that live at great depths in the ocean. Rather than providing omega oils in a triglyceride form, krill oils contains phospholipids – the same substance which many of our body’s cells are made of, meaning the Omega-3 is exceptionally well absorbed.

Additionally, krill oil is rich in astaxanthin, an antioxidant which gives krill its red colour. We’ve spoken in the past about how incredible Astaxanthin is, and if you’re unfamiliar, we fully recommend you educate yourself on its fantastic features.

Are you a vegan who’s found a novel way of getting Omega-3s into your diet? Perhaps you’re a fish oil fanatic who’s been enjoying the benefits of fish oils for years? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below, we’d love to hear your stories.

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