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Why It's Important to Take Vitamin Supplements in Winter

Whilst we’ve been living through dark days in winter, our bodies can experience a variety of unpleasant consequences. A lack of energy, an increase in illness and the all too common winter blues. You may be thinking that until the spring sun makes a reappearance that there’s no hope, however, there’s plenty you can do throughout winter to see you through until warmth returns.

Below we’ve listed 3 important reasons why you should be keeping up with your vitamin intake during the winter months and how taking certain supplements can help you towards supporting your body during this period.

Winter blues – more than just feeling grumpy

Feeling down when the weather outside is dismal is a common feeling. However, winter blues can not only affect you mentally, but physically too. The general sense of feeling low can result in feeling tired and lazy more easily, which means dragging yourself to the gym or going on a brisk walk seems completely out of the equation. Combat this with some omega 3 fatty acid supplements such as this Lipolife Liposomal Omega V-3 food supplement and get yourself out and about.

Vitamin supplements are also great for ensuring that your body gets the optimal daily dosage of the nutrients it needs to function well, even when it may be harder to obtain these from natural sources.

Non-stop sneezing

You’ll probably be aware by now that winter brings a whole host of illnesses with it, as well as cold frosty mornings. If your body isn’t getting the right vitamins and supplements it needs, you might find yourself getting ill more often. To try and prevent yourself from catching a cold, add some immune system supplements to your regular diet – don’t forget to consult your GP about this first. If the flu has already taken over, some good old Vitamin C tablets can help you fight it.

Energy levels deplete

The sun has a way of making us feel energised and full of life. However, when the sunshine time is limited during short winter days, this can have an adverse effect on our bodies. Low energy can affect your concentration at work, as well as your fitness motivation. To get over this hurdle, take a look at our range of increased energy supplements.

If you can relate to all these dilemmas, vitamin supplements from Evolution Organics can help. Make sure to check with your GP about introducing any new vitamins and supplements into your diet and always read the dosage instructions provided to get the optimum results.

2 thoughts on “Why It's Important to Take Vitamin Supplements in Winter”

  • Leo

    It's so interesting how our bodies respond to the seasons, and it's so important that we realise how to best help ourselves when we're feeling low. Dietary supplements are a great way to counter the effects. This is a fab article, thanks!

    • Marie-Eve Maitland
      Marie-Eve Maitland March 14, 2018 at 10:13 am

      Hello Leo

      Thank you for your comment, and we totally agree :) I often find that whenever I feel a bit low its Vit D I need. I take it and feel better after a while. I take it during the darker seasons everyday... and change brands now and again too. Our body are incredibly clever.

      In Health

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