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Why Astaxanthin Should be Your Next Supplement

Why Astaxanthin Should be Your Next Supplement

Posted by Henry Maitland on 25th May 2018

The full capabilities of Astaxanthin as a super-antioxidant are starting to be recognised. Introducing it to your diet could bring about an array of health benefits.

At Evolution Organics, we stock a great range of products containing Astaxanthin. But first things first – what is it, where does it come from and what health benefits might you realise by introducing it to your diet?

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring pigment that falls into the carotenoid family. Carotenoids are compounds within food that act as an antioxidant.

So, the next question is what do antioxidants do?

Essentially, they prevent cellular damage within the body that is caused by the by-products created when your cells use oxygen. This damage can lead to things like heart disease and diabetes, but antioxidants can help prevent such damage.

To give yourself a better chance of avoiding such ailments and illnesses, it’s important for antioxidants to form part of your diet. Astaxanthins can act as a very powerful antioxidant.

Where does it come from?

The majority of the world’s Astaxanthin comes from algae and krill found beneath the ocean’s surface.

In fact, it’s Astaxanthin that’s responsible for the reddish tinge you see in animals such as shrimp, salmon and other types of shellfish.

The majority of Astaxanthin production today happens synthetically however, but some natural Astaxanthin products are available.

What benefits might you feel?

Perhaps the biggest question is how might Astaxanthin be of benefit to your health? And why should you consider introducing it to your diet?

Beyond the carotenoid’s antioxidising qualities, the powers of Astaxanthin are wide-spanning.

Astaxanthin can suppress serum levels of nitric oxide and block COX2 enzymes. This means that Astaxanthin can act as a natural anti-inflammatory and be of use to people who suffer from joint pain or swelling, particularly after exercise. An Astaxanthin product could be your next joint support supplement.

Your skin may also benefit from adding Astaxanthin to your diet due to its UV-blocking abilities. Furthermore, Astaxanthin has been found to reduce wrinkles and improve moisture levels, helping you to adopt a new approach to natural skin care.

One of the most exciting potential benefits of Astaxanthin is the effect on C-reactive protein – better known as CRP. This is a marker for heart disease, and a study from the Health Research and Studies Center in Los Altos, California, saw a general reduction in CRP within testers, as well as lower levels of inflammation.

Additionally, Gerald Cysewski, founder of Cyanotech – the first company to produce natural Astaxanthin – explained in an interview with Dr Joseph Mercola that astaxanthin improves blood flow, decreases blood pressure, and improves blood chemistry.

What products do we sell?

At Evolution Organics, we stock a wide range of products containing Astaxanthin aimed at helping you realise some of the carotenoid’s natural benefits.

Our range from Dr Mercola includes capsules to act as a dietary supplement, as well as products for eye support, skin protection and for your pets.

We also stock products containing Astaxanthin from Cleanmarine, Terranova, Bulletproof and many more.

Be sure to take look through the Astaxanthin products within our organic shop and make a positive decision for your health today!