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What are Joint Support Supplements?

If you regularly take part in vigorous exercise and push your body to its limits, your joints can take some wear and tear. Whilst exercise is fantastic for maintaining a healthy weight and for feeling energised and motivated, we need to look after our joints when intensively training our bodies.

Joint support supplements are vitamins and supplements that you can include into your nutritional regime to help keep your joints healthy. They can come in the form of tablets, capsules, extracts and oils, so there’s plenty of ways to incorporate them into your diet.

What do they do?

Joint support supplements are designed to keep your joints healthy, supple and responsive to keep you going for longer. Most joint support products contain the same components that you can find in the cartilage in your joints. By taking these supplements, you can increase the cartilage or fluid around the joints, or reduce the breakdown process of these substances. This means you can help to prevent pain, inflammation and wearing of joints.

Do they work?

The big question here is, do they work? Whilst these supplements cannot repair any previous damage, they can act as a defensive barrier against further wear and tear and might even contribute towards alleviating some of the painful symptoms associated with arthritis.

And you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use them. Whether you’re a sporting fan, or just feel as though you could do with the extra support, we have a wide range of joint support supplements to choose from.

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