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Turmeric Kombucha

Turmeric Kombucha

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 3rd Feb 2017

If you have followed us at all on social media you will know how much we love kombucha. This is a quick run down on how to make kombucha.

What you will need 

  • 5L container / brewing jar (I used a Kilner drink dispenser) 
  • 1 scoby/fermentation disk (and liquid from your last batch – 1 to 2 cups)
  • Clean muslin and elastic band
  • 1 cup of sugar 
  • 4 x black tea bags 
  • 4 x Pukka Turmeric Gold tea bags


  1. Clean and fill your brewing jar with nearly boiling water, your kit need to be as clean as possible 
  2. Measure 1 litre of water and bring to the boil in a large pan, turn the heat off 
  3. Add the sugar to the pan, dissolve then the tea bags, let to stand and cool for 15 minutes 
  4. Take the tea bags out and put the tea water in the brewing jar 
  5. Add 4 litres of water to the jar alongside the scoby + liquid 
  6. Put the muslin on top of the jar (this prevents bad bacteria from entering the jar) and secure the muslin with the elastic band. Leave the jar open and let this ferment for 7 days 
  7. Close the jar with a tight fitting lid and let this brew for a further 3 days 
  8. Take the scoby out* and bottle up the kombucha, keep in the fridge.

* To reuse the scoby, put the disc in a container and cover with kombucha (1-2 cups) and a tight fitting lid. Keep in a cool dark place (not the fridge). Next time you make kombucha, put the liquid and scoby in the new brew.