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Treat your teeth in 2021 with natural dental products

Our teeth are some of the toughest and most resilient things we own. They allow us to indulge in beautiful food and enjoy flavours and sensations aplenty. 

But given what we put them through, it is important we protect our teeth and ensure they remain as healthy as they can be. 

Anybody that has had tooth problems will know the grief and discomfort they can cause. But by finding and using quality dental care products, we can protect our teeth and give ourselves a better chance of avoiding those worse case scenarios.  

Some dental products however contain chemicals that may have some unwanted side effects. This has seen more and more people looking towards natural dental products. At Evolution Organics, we are meeting this demand. 

In our latest blog, we talk you through why using natural dental products is a great way to go, and give you an insight into what we have available at Evolution Organics. 

Why choose natural dental products?

Lady smiling with white teeth on show

The main reason people opt for natural dental products is because they want to avoid exposing themselves to potentially harmful or damaging chemicals. 

Our mouths contain hundreds of different bacteria, with between 100 and 200 likely to be present in your mouth as you read this sentence. It’s a weird thought but it shouldn’t be an unnerving one. Most oral bacteria is healthy and does a job of protecting your mouth and therefore your body from infection. 

However, there are some dental hygiene varieties out there that are chemical-based and contain elements that can have negative consequences for some users.  

One problematic element is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This common additive is found in many products including toothpastes and mouth rinses, but has been found in studies to contribute to the development of canker sores. Links have also been made to SLS exacerbating gum disease.  

With natural dental products however, you avoid such problems thanks to the natural ingredients that are used. This, and the oral hygiene benefits that can be realised, is seeing more people move towards the use of natural dental products. 

What does Evolution Organics have available?

Toothpaste and toothbrush on a cup in a bathroom

At Evolution Organics, we have long been committed to providing healthier, more natural alternatives to perhaps some of the other readily available dental products out there. 

We have also taken the time and put the hours in to finding the best natural dental products out there and added them to our range. 

We have put together a beautiful collection of natural toothpastes, from leading suppliers like SPLAT Oral CareKing Fisher and Green People, among others. 

A bottle of PerioBrite complete Oral care natural mouth rinse

Evolution Organics also has a great collection of natural mouth rinse from PerioBrite, which is alcohol-free and comes in different flavours for you to choose from. 

We have exceptional herbal tooth powder from The Clay Cure in various flavours. These products help regulate PH levels and remineralise enamel.  

You can also buy moisturising creamOregano and Charcoal products, so be sure to browse through the superb array of natural dental products for you and your family. 

Shop with Evolution Organics today

Take a look through all the personal care items we have available at Evolution Organics. This includes excellent natural deodorantsskincare items and products designed for children and babies too. 

Shop with Evolution Organics for all your natural health and wellbeing products today. Browse through our delivery options, and if you have questions, simply contact our team. 

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