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The Rise of CBD Oil

The Rise of CBD Oil

Posted by Henry Maitland on 25th Sep 2019

Mention the term CBD oil, cannabidiol, or cannabis plant, and people will tend to jump to certain thoughts and presumptions.

Whatever your initial viewpoint, the fact of the matter is that CBD oil in particular has seen wider usage and assimilation into modern society, being heralded for its potential health and wellness benefits.

The rise in CBD oil’s popularity has been pretty astronomical. So our latest blog takes a look at what is behind this rise, and how CBD oil could benefit you.

What is CBD oil?

We’ve touched on this subject before, so we won’t labour the point. But a quick recap is always useful.

CBD oil is derived from cannabidiol, an element found in cannabis plants. 

Before you ask – no, it doesn’t get you high. It’s a different element of the cannabis plant that does that – THC to be specific.

CBD oil has been linked with a host of potential health benefits, including treatment for pain, anxiety, depression and PTSD. For more reasons you might want to take CBD, read this blog.

What’s the CBD oil story so far?

CBD was first studied in the 1940s in the US, with its structure and stereochemistry being determined in the 1960s.However, due to it being derived from the cannabis plant, there have been issues globally around CBD and legality.

But with more research carried out and published, a greater number of people have accepted that CBD isn’t a recreational drug but in fact a genuine medicinal option that can be used to treat a number of conditions.

This has caused a general shift in mentality towards CBD oil, and in both 2017 and 2018, a number of countries legalised CBD oil for usage having previously not done so.

Why the spike in popularity?

CBD oil is legal to buy, possess and sell in the UK, so long as it doesn’t contain any THC. A greater awareness of the differences between CBD and its other cannabis cousins that do contain THC has caused more people to investigate its benefits and try CBD oil for themselves. This has really started to gain momentum since 2017, and there has been a real rise in CBD products hitting the shelves and being readily available for customers to purchase and use to treat a spectrum of conditions.

What’s more, the UK Food Standards Agency recently said it would regard CBD products as a ‘novel food’.

This has led to more businesses up and down the country putting food and drinks containing CBD oil on their menus or on their shelves.

What products does Evolution Organics have available?

Evolution Organics has a vast selection of CBD products available for you to try for yourself. These include oils to ingest, as well as items such as mints, CBD sports gels and food supplements.

We also offer CBD suppositories, lip balms and much more.

This blog is a really handy guide to what’s what, while if you search for ‘CBD’ in the search bar at the top of this page, our full range will appear before your eyes.

Be sure to get in touch with the expert team at Evolution Organics if you have any questions about our CBD range or anything else.