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The power of Curcumin for your pets

The power of Curcumin for your pets

Posted by Amanda Bailey on 16th Sep 2016

Turmeric and curcumin seem to be everywhere at the moment. I completely understand why it is so popular as it has so many benefits for the entire body.

It is because of turmeric's many benefits that my husband and I supplement with it every day and use it in our cooking as much as we can. I have personally noticed a difference with my allergies and my husband has seen an improvement in digestion and joint stiffness. Turmeric can also help with cholesterol levels, circulation and even supports the liver. So we know we are getting a lot of nutritional support from just a small dose of this ‘wonder’ root.


Curcumin is the active ingredient of the turmeric that helps with the anti-inflammatory reaction it has, which means it supports joint health and boosts function of the immune system.

Anything anti-inflammatory is good in my book, as almost all disease is the cause of chronic inflammation. When our bodies are constantly under attack from an inflammatory source (E.g. hay fever and pollen, or celiac and gluten etc.) then damage starts to happen and we end up with disease and debilitating pain.

Curcumin for Pets

Dr Mercola’s Curcumin for Pets is a powder that can be mixed with your pet’s food so they can also get the benefit of this wonderful supplement. My dog (Blue) has been using it for only a few months, and he wouldn’t be without it now. We originally started him on it to help with his digestion, as he was suffering with pancreatitis earlier this year. After only a few weeks we noticed his abdomen was a lot less bloated and he wasn’t grumbling as much after his meals.

Blue never had a problem of eating it along with his normal food, and he can be fussy at times with new flavours!

Not only has the Curcumin helped with his digestive inflammation, but we know it will be supporting his joints and heart health too!