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The new health perspective

The new health perspective

Posted by Henry Maitland on 23rd Feb 2017

We already have the answer to our optimal health; we just need to reveal it within ourselves.

The new health perspective – Is it time to evolve?

I have spent more than half my life considering health and wellness, and for the last three years I have felt and inner conflict. I felt conflicted between the subjects that I am drawn to study from passion (and because logically I can see they hold the answers to our true health and healing) and those that I think I should be studying as they are more in line with the standard model of western health and rehabilitation And perhaps more in line with peoples expectation of what health is.

My conflict arose as it is simply not possible to study and come to understand all the subjects and information surrounding health, wellness and healing. So, one can either come to understand in detail the diseases themselves, the symptoms and symptomatic cures or, one can come to understand the fields of influence that are prior to disease. My feeling now, with no conflict, is that it is time we moved to study and take action on the primary influence of disease as the endless study of symptoms is reaching its peak and the world, in all its sickness, make’s it self-evident that we would do well to change focus.

The standard western model is to study detail – a reductionist scientific thinking which tends to lead to the study of symptoms of disease and the disease itself. This however can lead a holistic therapist to the edge of a conceptual precipices. All we have to do is to look at the size of the text books needed to contain the information of the disease and symptoms related to just one of the bodies major systems and we can see the size of the problem (they are massive, and there are lots of them!). For every system there are a million and one diseases all of which have a set of sub symptoms, all of which have a protocol that may or may not assist the resolution of the symptoms.

The road into ever more detail, ever more science and science having ever more perceived authority has been a necessary one to follow as we have learnt a staggering amount. However is it not self-evident that although the information is essential as part of a journey of learning, it does not in itself contain the critical answers to health and wellness that were looking for? How can we know this without needing yet another scientific investigation? Well, we seem to be getting sicker and sicker and our planet is showing very serious signs of stress.

As we are not looking widely for the primary influence of disease and addressing it, we will tend to keep having more diseases that get progressively worse as symptomatic relief is not a healing resolution. The disease can then just come back in a different form, is this not what we are seeing with both the increase and proliferation of cancer and the increasing pressure for our planet?

To be healthy in body we need to be healthy in mind.

I have discovered over the years that there is much to be learnt from the meaning of words, did you know that the word sane came from the Greek word Sanus?

sānus m (feminine sāna, neuter sānum); first/second declension

  1. Sound in body, healthy 
  2. Sound in mind, sane

As it turns out to be truly healthy is of course to be deeply and truly sane. However the word sanity is a little extreme so for this article so we will use the word conscious. So what is consciousness?

We all hold lots of emotions and feelings inside ourselves some of these may come from when we were very young, perceived trauma that once experienced in a heavily emotionalized way can set up what I refer to as a faulty filter, an emotion that we then view the world though. Many of these unconscious emotional patterns as we get older no longer serve us, they lead to behaviour and actions that do not benefit our lives. It is our awareness of these emotions and feelings and our ability to come to understand them and let them go which is directly related to our level of Self-awareness or consciousness.

This increase in conscious awareness of our deeper emotional state is the essential foundation to our health and wellness. As we release the unconscious patterns and let them go we see the world with greater clarity, no longer viewed though the filter of the heavy emotion so we can come to understand the source of our pain and find peace beyond it. With this change the nervous system can be calmer, out of fight or flight responses as it reflects a silent mind which reflects the stillness, not emotion, inside us.

This move from fight or flight tends to lead to muscles relaxing alongside significantly improved immune response, improved gut function with enhanced elimination and absorption. We can also experience improved blood supply to organs with increased vitamin and mineral availability for repair, recovery, growth and development rather than being consumed in the attack and defence of fight or flight. So from this we can see that becoming conscious is the health foundation of all physical and physiological systems.

Living an unconscious life, living directly through our emotional filters is like watching a soap opera, apart from the fact that this particular drama is the unfolding drama of our own life. When we progressively let go of more emotional patterns our mind becomes gradually more silent, our mind and thoughts are largely a simple reflection of our emotions, our traumas and our faulty filters. As the mind becomes still there are less thoughts, so less content. What does this mean? It means we come into the awareness of context, that that is present before and in the absence of thought. Context is where we need to be if we are going to move to the understanding of the primary influence of our disease, and also the disease of the planet as they are in part one and the same.

Healing ourselves by releasing old emotional patterns that no longer serve us and stilling the mind allow one to tune in to the context of things rather than looking at the content. This is the person that starts to see primary influence, the fields of energy that lead to the arising of disease, otherwise known as emotion. It is also the state of awareness that begins to see the logical necessity to look at primary influence rather than being lost in all the secondary symptoms realising that we will not find resolution at this level. As the mind becomes still the brains physiology actually changes and begins to process information in a different way. It is this change and all that comes with it that could herald the next evolutionary leap for mankind, to become conscious, to wake up from the dream.

From this we can see that for us to become truly and resonantly healthy we can move beyond the present and excepted limitations of the human mind. To learn to look at the context and primary influence as the key factors for our health and the health of our planet. If we stayed focused on the content of our minds we will tend to use our minds to stay focused on the content of disease and miss the context that they exist in which holds the answers to our healing potential. So, are we ready to evolve? Are ready to take a leap of faith in to the subjective unknown and unlock the next level of your potential? For those that are, you have an exciting time ahead.

Time to dream a new and healthy future in to being, for yourself, those you know and the planet.

In health, chi, healing and happiness