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Why You Should Embrace Chemical-Free Sun Protection this Summer

It’s easy to get excited during the summer months when the sun starts shining and the temperatures soar.

Being in the sun has loads of great benefits that we should look to take advantage of from time to time. The sun can increase our Vitamin D levels and our serotonin. It can also elevate mood, and just make you feel happy to be alive!

But without adequate sun protection, you can suffer ill effects that can leave you feeling really worse for wear.

The trick is finding the perfect balance. So as summer hits us, we’ve put together this helpful guide on how to enjoy the sun and stay protected in a chemical-free way.

Dangers of the Sun

We know that everybody will likely have their own story of sunburn or something worse. It’s not fun to fall foul of the sun and even if you’re somebody who tends to avoid burning and tans really well, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the metaphorical woods.

The most obvious and common danger from the sun is sunburn. This is caused when UV rays from the sun reach our skin and start to burn us.  

This can lead to the typical sunburn we know in the short term, but also more serious consequences. In the long term, the more we are exposed to UV rays, the higher the chances of developing skin cancers.

The tricky thing with UV rays is that it’s not as simple as just avoiding sunbathing with no suncream on. UV rays can pass through loosely woven materials like t-shirts for example. They can also pass through clouds, so just because there’s cloud cover doesn’t mean you’re safe from them. They can bounce off reflective surfaces, and they also are not only affected by temperature. So even if it’s not boiling hot, you’re still potentially at risk.

Get protected

alba botanica chemical-free sunscreen

Head into any chemist or pharmacists during the summer and you’ll see a host of sun protection offerings available.

The thing is, many of these products are rich in chemicals that, while protecting our skin in some respects, can have other effects.

At Evolution Organics, we have a wide range of chemical-free sun protection that can allow you to enjoy time in the sun and stay protected without lathering yourself in unwanted chemicals.

Our range of chemical-free sunscreen includes products from the likes of Dr Mercola, Alba Botanica and Green People.

There’s a selection of natural sunscreens available, with high-quality mineral based products and fragrance free options too. Many are water resistant, with SPF30 and SPF50 varieties available. Our range makes it easy to keep yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

Dr Mercola Aloe Vera

Our range also includes sun lotions and tanning oils if you’re looking for that bronzed look, while there’s also chemical-free bug sprays and Aloe Vera products to help you relax and unwind in the sun with ease.  

We also offer items that can help keep your skin healthy and looking great. We have moisturising creams, lip balms and essential oils – all of which are chemical free.

And if you’ve had a long day in the sunshine, be sure to apply some chemical-free after sun too. You can pick some up from Evolution Organics.

Get everything you need to enjoy the sun safely this summer from Evolution Organics. And if you have any questions, drop us a message on

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