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Vegan tips for success

As you might be aware I have made lunch for the Evolution Organics team for the last 2 years. Every Wednesday, it's our way to say thank you for all the hard work and I love cooking. Then Ana joined t…

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Build muscle and stay healthy this Veganuary

Veganism has risen at an astounding rate in the UK, with more and more people advocating and adopting a vegan lifestyle than ever before.Today, the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle are known to ex…

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Vivo Life Perform Protein

Arguably the flagship of the Vivo Life stable, Perform Protein has been designed from scratch which has clearly allowed original and innovative thinking to flourish to produce a truly unique protein b…

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SunWarrior Classic PLUS Organic Protein

We all know protein is important for those who are very active, muscle building and training. Yet it is an essential part of the diet for all of us. The building blocks of protein are called amino aci…

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