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Product Review - Planet Paleo Keto Collagen

When Plant Paleo told us about their new keto range, we knew we had to stock it. Not only do we love Planet Paleo but we know that all of their products are sourced and farmed to the highest ethica…

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What I eat in a day

Hello, I am Marie-Eve, and since I've been asked by a few people, I thought it was about time I shared what I eat in a day... And here goes! Over the years, my diet has changed and that is 10…

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Top 10 Keto supplements to help achieve your goals

When looking to make improvements to your body, it really is a case of finding the perfect combination of elements to set yourself on the perfect course.One thing that many people want…

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The Keto Diet - a beginner’s guide

Heard of the Keto diet but not sure where to begin? Fear not.The latest Evolution Organics blog gives you everything you need to know about the Ketogenic diet and the way to change your eating habits…

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Is the Ketogenic Diet for you?

Anybody who is setting out on a mission to lose weight will likely want a diet plan that is going to bring big rewards.But whether the aim is to lose a few pounds or to shed a significant amount of we…

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