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Product Review - Restore Magic "Dirt" Water for kids

I feel very lucky to work for Evolution Organics as I get access to an array of amazing products and get to test lots too. But not only that, my family benefits from it and last month, Elodie, my 4 years old got to try Restore Magic Dirt Water.

Why Restore? I chose Restore because I had a flight planned. I often get bloated when I travel and I know how uncomfortable it can get. So, 2 years ago I started taken Restore for a few weeks before my flight. The difference was pretty drastic. For the first time, I was fine during and after my flight. I didn't get bloated and I had so much more energy. I also didn't get ill after which often happen after being confined in a plane for over 6 hours!

Seeing how good Restore's range was for me, it made sense for Elodie to try their kid friendly product too.

Restore is not a probiotic or prebiotic. RESTORE's range aims to create a beneficial shift in the bacteria making up the microbiome, which is what many people are attempting to do with probiotics and prebiotics. Basically their products helps to promote the strengthening of the tight junctions in small and large gut membrane cells for an optimal gut environment.

Restore's Benefits include...

  • balance gut health
  • support respiratory wellness
  • combat environmental exposures
  • promote immune function
  • enhance mental clarity
  • and promote hydration.

I knew I was going to fly with Elodie on my own in June (I am writing this is my parents dining room in Canada) and wanted to make the whole journey as smooth as I could and for that I thought that making sure Elodie's tummy was was in tip top shape was important. A happy digestive system make everything better whatever your age.

How I introduced the product into my daughter's diet

I started by giving her a "shot" of Restore Magic Dirt Water just over 2 weeks before my flight. The first time I gave her 1/2 teaspoon, on its own. The response I got was not successful, she looked at me as if I had tried to poison her! Restore Magic Dirt Water doesn't taste bad, it tastes like sterile water but for a small child I can see why it would not be pleasant. After that, so she would continue taking it, I decided to mix Restore Magic Dirt Water with a bit of organic apple juice. I increased until she had a full teaspoon and gave it to her only once daily alongside her kid friendly supplements.*

So, considering this, how did Elodie feel?

Well it was good. Elodie was happy, slept well, ate, played and I honestly think it was partly due to Restore. We're also on day 6 of our holiday and both of us are fine. **I used Restore a few days before my flight and brought my trusted Restore Gut Health On-the-Go**

A bit more about Restore Magic Dirt Water

Restore is a soil-derived, scientifically-backed mineral supplement that has been shown in lab studies to strengthen tight junctions in the gut wall, our firewall against toxins entering the body.

Maintaining gut balance is vital to overall health, as much of the body’s immune system is in your gut lining. Heavily processed foods, GMOs, gluten, and environmental factors such as herbicides and animal antibiotics reduce the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. These factors can have an impact on the immune system and overall health. Restore’s proprietary Terrahydrite™ was developed by a team of world renowned scientists and leading physicians to support the integrity of your intestinal walls. This creates a stable environment where good gut bacteria can grow and thrive, helping you to promote immune system function, and supporting optimal well-being.

Restore helps create a biological environment for good gut bacteria to grow and flourish, to support improvement of overall health

Give it a go next time you go on holiday or if you just want to give your immune system a little boost.

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*These are the supplements Elodie takes daily. We started when she was just under 3 and it was such a game changer for us. Elodie is in no way a picky eater (for a 4 years old) but on days where she is not hungry knowing she is getting everything her growing body needs is such a relief.

Dr Mercola Children's Chewable Multivitamin OR Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids… both are chewable and much enjoyed

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids Liquid Orange Burst - ditto, she loves it!

BetterYou DLux Juniour Daily D3 Spray - in the winter/autumn months

Dr Mercola Probiotic Powder Packets for Kids - once every 2-3 days

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