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Our recently added Vitamins and Supplements

The human body is a complex, enthralling, fascinating thing. In today’s scientific age, we have a pretty good idea of how things work, but that doesn’t mean the human body doesn’t throw up the occasional challenge or mystery. 

Because we’re continuously learning about what our bodies need, work best on, and are affected by, there are always new products and supplements being released to the market.

At Evolution Organics, we are very open to embracing any product that our team has recently become aware of, and that we believe could genuinely be of benefit to our clients. 

This is why we’re always looking to enhance and broaden our vitamins and supplements range. You can find all the latest additions to the Evolution Organics range in our dedicated recently added section.

We currently have a host of exceptional vitamins and supplements available as part of our recently added range, and have picked out some highlights here in our latest blog. 

A range of test kits

a Heavy metal test for Zinc in the body

Staying on top of what goes into and is contained within your body is important to maintaining all round good health. If there’s a material in your system and it’s causing you harm, that’s a potentially big problem. 

One such material could be a heavy metal. While it may strike many as a bizarre concept, substances such as zinc, cobalt, copper, iron, nickel and many more can make their way into your system through diet or environment. 

There are numerous hazards of heavy metal contamination within the human body, and if you aren’t feeling yourself, it could be due to a high level of a certain heavy metal. 

We have recently brought in a selection of heavy metal test kits that are easy to use at home, and can help provide you with real insight into what’s going on inside your body. 

Nuun Electrolyte Products

Nuum Active Hydration tablets available at Evolution Organics.

Electrolytes play a major role in how your body works. They are conduits of electricity when dissolved in water, and are a vital part of many of the functions your body undertakes. 

If you body doesn’t have the right balance of electrolytes, then there can be some pretty nasty outcomes. Irregular heartbeat, bone disorders, blood pressure changes and fatigue could all be due to an electrolyte imbalance.

Electrolytes are also important for anybody carrying out regular exercise. Severe dehydration can lead to electrolyte problems, so ensuring you have strong electrolyte presence should be a consideration of any regular athlete.

We’ve brought in a selection of electrolyte products from Nuun in a range of flavours that can help you manage your electrolyte levels effectively. 

Fermented Fruits

a bag of organic fermented fruits from Dr Mercola

Want all the benefits of fruits or vegetables in a quick, easily absorbable format? 

We’ve just brought in organic fermented fruits and fermented greens from leading supplier Dr Mercola. 

With the fermentation process reducing natural sugars and making nutrients easier to digest, absorption levels increase appreciably. This means you can get more nutrients and antioxidants without unwanted sugars.

A host of new products

We’ve also brought in new detoxification supplements, as well as MCT powder products for you to stock up on and enjoy. 

And we’re always keen to keep bringing more and more fantastic vitamins and supplements to our range. Be sure to keep checking our recently added selection for more great products from Evolution Organics. 

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