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Need more energy on a Monday morning?

Need more energy on a Monday morning?

Posted by Henry Maitland on 1st Sep 2016

Discover bullet proof coffee and learn the secrets of healthy rocket fuel. 

As you may be aware from previous posts I am a fan of coffee. I love the ceremony of making it from the finest grind to the perfect extraction, I love the aroma in the morning and the flavour of a fresh espresso is incredible.

I had all this love going on before I found Bulletproof coffee and now my love for coffee has been taken to a whole new level.

There were three primary problems that I had with coffee.

  1. Firstly the purity of the bean, a lot of Coffee is not organically grown and I don’t like the idea of routine chemical use on the bean that I am heating, extracting and drinking.
  2. My second issue was the jitters, the strange chemical downside of coffee, a slight edgy feeling that I never liked.
  3. My third issue was simply being careful to not drink too much as I had, many years ago, post viral fatigue and it kicked my butt with coffee being totally out of the question for over a year.
Bulletproof resolved all these issues and more

Over the last few months I’ve been running an experiment. I had one bag of Bulletproof coffee beans one bag of standard high quality beans and one bag of very expensive high end organic beans. Every morning I had my coffee, working my way through one bag at a time carefully considering my energy levels, jitter levels and if my brain felt clear or foggy.

Very simply, no coffee I have ever consumed comes close to Bulletproof coffee, it’s totally awesome. It’s a high quality, organically produced, full flavour, smooth tasting coffee with a creamy sweetness. It produces a feeling of sustained energy with no jitters at all and no brain fog. Normal coffee, even the high end organic can trigger in me a slight inner sensation that I relate to post viral fatigue, but not with Bulletproof.

To take my love affair with Bulletproof coffee to the next level I of course have a shot of MCT oil, this levels and smooths out the energy flow. It also without doubt helps lean down body fat and keeps the waist line trim (a nice added bonus), and the best bit is that I have not even tried it with butter yet! My only word of caution with the XCT oil is that it can be too much for an empty stomach to tolerate, I have had a few stomach aches learning this lesson.

If you’re a fan of coffee but don’t like the jitters, try Bulletproof. If you’re a fan of coffee but don’t like the chemicals, try Bulletproof. If you’re a fan of coffee but want a long sustained clear energy buzz, try Bulletproof. If you are not a fan of coffee.. it may be because you have not tried Bulletproof!

To use coffee in a healthy way means to be as healthy as possible before getting in to taking it on a regular basis. If your body is depleted and your adrenals fatigued, coffee is only going to crash you as you will not have the reserves to gain the benefit. The basic rules are:

  • Eat well – know your metabolic type
  • Sleep well – Try to get 8 hours per night
  • Breath well – learn to breathe deeply in to your belly
  • Contemplation and meditation – Have time for stillness and quiet reflection
  • Understand what exercise works best for you
  • Stay hydrated – make sure you have a great source of clean healthy water

With these thoughts in mind go forth and enjoy your new Monday morning ritual of Bulletproof coffee with a shot of XCT oil and see what rocket fuel feels like!

In health and happiness