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Natural products that support Muscle Building

Whether training for competitive sports or lifting regularly to build mass, you want to be getting the most out of your time and efforts by supplementing with high quality products which provide your body with the nutrients it needs to grow.

In the latest Evolution Organics blog, we’ve taken a look at some of our favourite natural supplements that can be used to help you build muscle.


Beta-Alanine is an interesting amino acid. It’s not required in the creation of new muscles and not readily available from food sources. However, when consumed as a supplement, Beta-Alanine can help maximise performance during high-intensity workouts, allowing you to push yourself harder for longer. Beta-Alanine does this by supporting synthesis of carnosine, thus reducing overall accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.


Creatine has become very popular in recent years as an essential muscle building supplement. Found naturally in the body, Creatine is stored inside muscles and is used to produce ATP – the main mechanism which energy is derived from during intense exercise.

We stock a wide range of high-quality Creatine supplements. Our favourite pick right now is Natural Stacks BioCreatine, which contains Fenugreek extract to increase overall absorption of creatine in the body.


BCAAs are composed of three essential amino acids – leucine, valine and isoleucine. Some studies have shown BCAA supplements are highly effective in aiding muscle growth as they increase muscle protein synthesis.

If you’re looking for a truly natural plant based BCAA source, why not try Vivo Life SUSTAIN Plant Based BCAA, which includes coconut water to hydrate the body and provide electrolytes. To learn more about Vivo Life SUSTAIN Plant Based BCAA, see our review.


Protein supplements are an essential component of any supplement regime to build muscle. Best taken after workout, protein powders give your body the raw building blocks it needs to fuel muscle growth and recover.

Choosing the right protein can be confusing, so why not check out our previous blog posts to help you select the right kind of protein.

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