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Make the Most of the Spring Sun with Exercise

Make the Most of the Spring Sun with Exercise

Posted by Jon Webb on 15th Mar 2018

What more could prompt you to go outside for some refreshing exercise than the warm, sunny rays of Spring?  Spring is a feel-good season, bringing everyone out of hibernation to enjoy the new-found warmth and longer sunny days.

Are you looking to get your trainers back on this Spring, take up a new exercise routine or just go for a run in the great outdoors? If so, Evolution Organics have some useful tips and advice for you, to give you an even better experience.

Before you head out…

If it’s been a while since you put your body through some rigorous physical activity, there’s a chance your muscles will be a little stiff and that your body may not be as prepared as you’d like it to be. Give yourself the kickstart you need with some products from our pre-workout range.

We recommend boosting yourself with a delicious protein bar packed full of nutritious goodies. Protein is great for maintaining a healthy, athletic physique too.

Why get outside?

During the winter months, many of our sports and fitness regimes get compromised; fewer people feel ready to battle the cold, damp and often freezing temperatures. The heavy snowfall and slippery ice made heading outdoors a big no-no. However, the clouds have now parted, and we can work off some of the winter sludge we’ve accumulated since Christmas.

Getting outside during Spring is not only a fantastic way to inject some more exercise into your daily routine, but it also works wonders for your mental state of mind. If the winter blues really got you down, the fresh air will be sure to put a spring in your step.

Feeling the burn?

If your first outdoor adventure has left you feeling a little sore and achy, that’s normal! Your muscles and joints have gone from basic everyday movements to something a bit more demanding. There’s plenty you can do to soothe the after-workout pains, including taking recovery and repair supplements. These can help you to get back outdoors faster, feeling refreshed and ready.

Feeling inspired?

Make sure to check out our website for useful vitamins and minerals that can help give you the extra boost you need. Also, make sure to discover our range of sports accessories! It’s always good to have a trusty water bottle with you if you’re out running in the sun so you can keep hydrated.