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Maintaining Good Bone Health with Vegan Supplements

Maintaining Good Bone Health with Vegan Supplements

28th Jan 2020

Of the many marvellous things that make us what we are, our bones are a vital component of our physical make up.

It’s our bones that make us look the way we do, move the way we do, and allow us to do the things we do. As with any part of our vital bodily system, it’s important to maintain positive health habits, and this certainly applies to our bones.

The good thing is that there are many ways in which we can enhance our bone health and live happy, healthy lives. We can stay on top of our bone health thanks to things like the food we eat, and by using bone health supplements if we choose to.

A major trend and change seen in terms of the foods we eat as a society has been the increasing move towards vegan lifestyles.

This is in many ways a positive move that showcases people’s strong environmental and moral stances. But there are potential negatives if adequate replacements to the things that our bodies gain from meats and dairy products for example aren’t sought.

So that leaves many vegans at a point where they require substances like calcium and magnesium to be in their system to maintain good bone health. But these people are not able to eat some of the foods that will provide them with such substances. Similarly they are not able to take any supplements that are not vegan-friendly.

The importance of Strong Bone Health

Our bones are an ever changing part of our physical make up. New bone is continuously being made, taking over from old bone which is breaking down. Bone mass will increase as you grow up, reaching a peak around the age of 30. Your bone mass is important if you want to stay active and feeling good the older you get. 

Conditions like osteoporosis in later life are affected by our bone health, and the better we do at staying on top of our bone health now will stand us in better standing, quite literally, down the line.

Veganism and Bone Health Supplements

A great way to get what your body needs as a vegan therefore is to take vegan supplements.

These can give your body and bones what they need, without the issue of breaking your vegan commitment. 

Our mission at Evolution Organics is about helping people stay healthy and happy in ways that are easy and convenient for them.

So in the case of helping vegans enhance or maintain bone health, we’ve put together a great selection of vegan supplements to help you keep your bone health optimal. Take for example these Garden of Life Mykind Organic Plant Calcium capsules.

Packed with calcium, vitamin D3, K2 and magnesium to help support all round bone health and other bodily functions, these are a strong vegan bone health supplements for you to try. We also have Terranova Calcium and Magnesium 2:1 Complex tablets. 

These supplements can enhance your bone health, while also boosting your teeth health, regulating hormones and helping to enhance energy levels. Joint-Vie by Vegetology is also a strong option for people seeking vegan-friendly options for bones, joints and muscular ailments. Vegan for the Win in 2020These vegan bone supplements can help you to stay on top of your bone health and keep a strong bone density.

They form part of our new Vegan section available at Evolution Organics. This growing selection of vegan healthcare products is increasingly popular and is available to anyone looking to either cut down on the number of non-vegan items they use or adopt a vegan lifestyle completely. 

And if you’re new to veganism, here are some helpful vegan recipes that might prove useful and open you up to the culinary possibilities of veganism more wholly.