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Introducing Nordiq Nutrition – Pushing the Boundaries of Nutritional Science.

Originating from Finland, NORDIQ Nutrition targets the demands of active modern living by providing nourishing botanicals to support our daily nutritional needs; optimising performance at home, work and play.

At the heart of every product is a synergistic combination of organic and fresh freeze-dried ingredients that are specially selected using the principles of hormetic science. Each bespoke base formula is designed to optimise the effectiveness of the overall product, maximising health and vitality through immune system stimulation.

Nordiq Nutrition has been created to exceed your expectations.
To challenge the norm.
To deliver the best.

The NORDIQ Nutrition range of food supplements offers products targeted to maintain the immune system, to support memory function and concentration, to enhance digestion, to cleanse the body and to support sports performance. All their products are vegan and free from additives.


Simply put, hormesis means that a suitable dose of external or internal stimuli activates a positive response in your body, such as improvements in the immune system or increase in vitality.
An example is ice bathing, where you momentarily expose yourself to extremely cold water, will boost the body’s immune system and blood circulation. In other words, ice bathing provides a hormetic effect. Other similar stimuli are for example fasting, exercise, sauna bathing, sunlight or specific foodstuffs.

Did you know that the working mechanism of vaccinations is similar to hormesis? When vaccination is administered, the body gets a small dose of stimuli which activates its in-built defence mechanisms.
This is a matter of a general stress tolerance reaction in the body’s cells. The response is activated when an appropriate dose of specific stress factors are entering the body. The resulting hormetic reaction means that the cells try to restore the body’s balance, also called homeostasis. Consequently, many functions of your body, such as detoxification, energy production and immune system, are activated. The key factor here is that the dose of the stress factor is appropriately small and short in duration for it to bring the most beneficial effect for body and mind.

Hormesis is at the heart of their product development. All of their food supplements burst with a unique combination of botanicals providing your body with a specific hormetic effect. Nordiq Nutrition also like to source their botanicals from the Nordiq’s as the terrain is one that varies in temperature and weather conditions through the year, making the plants more resilient. This resistance in the plants increases the active compounds such as the antioxidant level.

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