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How to tackle aches and pains this Autumn

The Autumn is a time when the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, and aches and pains in your body can build up at this time of year.

Cold and wet weather can aggravate old injuries or conditions, and make you feel generally uncomfortable and not quite yourself.

To help counter this, at Evolution Organics we have a host of healthy vitamin and supplements that can be added to your day and be used to tackle such niggling aches and pains.

So whether you suffer from knee pain, back pain or find your muscles ache more than they should, we’ve kindly picked out some products we believe can help improve your wellbeing this Autumn.

Boost your well-being

A consistent ache in a certain part of your body can make you less reluctant to live in an active way, so you can a negative impact across a range of areas unfortunately.

One of the most common areas to feel aches is in your joints. These can be very debilitating and annoying, impacting on parts of your life you wouldn’t expect.

When selecting joint pain supplements, you want to select products that can tackle symptoms such as inflammation and fight against long-term condition such as joint degeneration and arthritis. Antioxidants are a good option on this front, as these can lower uric acid levels and joint swelling.

Magnesium is another great addition to a diet, as this chemical helps strengthen bones, maintains the function of muscles and nerves, and helps support the cartilage within joints.

Another beneficial supplement for joint cartilage is Collagen, and we have a wide variety of products featuring this structural protein.

Turmeric supplements are another increasingly popular product line, as is the key chemical in turmeric – Curcumin. These natural ingredients can support the battle against aches by reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness around joints, allow you to reach better levels of comfort and mobility.

We stock a huge range of supplements aimed at supporting your joint health, so be sure to take a browse through.

Brilliant Bones

Healthy bones can also help you avoid those aches and pains that can make your day a misery. Calcium is a very important nutrient to have when it comes to supporting good bone health, while vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin K2 can all be advantageous.


We also offer excellent Epsom salts that can help tackle muscle pain, supporting recovery and stress relief to boot.

Sleep is an often underestimated part of living a healthy, ache-free life. Sleep is when your body recovers and restores itself, so having a good night’s sleep is paramount to your well-being from both a physical and mental perspective.

At Evolution Organics, we offer a host of natural sleep aids and products that help with sleep and relaxation.

We offer a great selection of product to support your all-round health. So whatever you would like to address, be sure to take a look through the range we have at Evolution Organics.

You can also sign up for an account with us today.



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