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How to Strengthen Your Immune System

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

Posted by Jon Webb on 6th Feb 2018

With cold and flu season in full swing, you might be looking for effective ways to boost your immune systems and keep germs at bay. Whilst avoiding colds altogether is a difficult task, there are steps you can take to ensure your immune system has built up the necessary barriers to help protect against these illnesses.

Vitamins and minerals for immunity

Cold and flu tablets can be used for when the illness has already settled in but are not ideal as they only treat the symptoms of the disease. The real question is to discover what you can take prior to getting sick that can help to protect you. There are a select few vitamins and minerals that are ideal for giving you the health boost you need, giving you a better chance of fighting off germs and viruses.

Vitamin C – this natural vitamin is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all. If you don’t get enough of this rich vitamin, you can be more prone to getting sick. Vitamin C can be naturally found in foods such as oranges, spinach, strawberries and kale. If you need an extra boost of Vitamin C, you can take some easy to swallow capsules every morning with breakfast.

Pre/probiotics – the missing links in your immunity. These supplements are not only great for gut health, but can also improve your immune system. A properly functioning gut supported by pre/probiotics contains a healthy colony of gut bacteria which helps with immune system regulation.

Vitamin D – we need Vitamin D the most during the winter months, but the lack of sun can leave us in a compromised position. If you need a boost of this sunshine supplement that is vital for proper immune function, you could supplement with Vitamin D tablets until the sunnier months return.

Zinc – whilst it remains as one of the lesser known immune-boosting supplements, zinc is incredibly important for supporting your immunity. Those who are lacking the optimal dose of this nutrient are prone to an impaired immune system, making them more susceptible to the flu.

Are you ready to provide your immune system with the nutrients it needs to remain strong throughout the winter? Discover our range of vitamins and minerals for the immune system today. Make sure to combine these with a balanced diet for the best results and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0345 3700 006 If you need more information.