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How to lose weight AND be healthy

Eat your way to weight loss – The truth about weight loss and some of the foods we’re told not to eat.  

You may have noticed in recent times that I have been reintroducing myself and the newsletter with each edition and this is simply because there are so many new readers. So for those of you that are new, welcome to the Evolution Organics newsletter and happy New Year to you all!

I have been working in the health and fitness world for over 20 years and in this time have come to understand much of what it takes to achieve a very high level of health and wellness. I certainly make no claim to know it all, and even with a commitment to a life time of study and practice I know I will still have many questions left unanswered.

Lifestyle changes are key to optimal health

I do however feel that when condensed the raw essence of the many subjects that I have studied provide the true foundations of optimal health, the contextual understanding from which wellness can arise and symptoms of disease drift into the realms of what Buddha described as the ‘million and one things’.

As with any subject matter, with time, it’s possible to strip away much of the complexity to reveal the essential truths, less focus on disease and symptoms and more focus on prevention and wellness.  It’s these simple truths that when introduced and applied to our lives that create true lasting and profound change. It’s these aspects of knowledge that I do my best to write about in our newsletters.

We all know that health and wellness can’t be just about products and supplements and of course we all know that the key things that need to be looked at our life style changes, or a shift in the way we perceive ourselves or the world around us. This is why this newsletter is so important as it’s our voice to communicate to you that although the products we sell are very powerful and are a great addition in many respects to building healthier life, the picture of the totality of health and wellness is much deeper and richer.

How to lose weight AND be healthy – don’t buy into the marketing hype.

I am astonished and horrified that to this day we still have adverts on TV telling us that we can lose weight and be healthy by doing things like replacing two meals a day with breakfast cereal or even worse have biscuits for breakfast! Seriously… a breakfast biscuit with the caption ‘scientifically proven to release carbohydrates for up to 4 hours’… really!? If that is the best ‘scientifically proven’ fact they could come up with about their product then they should be seriously worried. However they are probably not worried about their product, and even more annoyingly these biscuits are probably selling really well. Upsetting.

It is a fact that many of these ‘weight loss’ products may in some respects help you to lose weight and this is where it can get confusing. If I replaced two meals a day with cereal I have no doubt I would initially lose weight, I would be slowly starving and my body would turn to the fat reserve to help it keep going. The question is am I healthy as a result of the weight loss and am I eating foods that support my happiness?

And the answer is no. These products do not support anything close to optimal health and are simply designed to pray on human psychological frailty. I would say that they set up a premise for a disease state far more powerfully than they could ever help nurture a healing state.

3 key ways to get your optimal weight and boost your health

It’s far more logical in every conceivable way to focus on getting healthy instead of focusing on losing weight. This way you get the physique you will be healthiest with and also reduce your chance of heading in the direction of the major killers such as cancer and heart disease. Why not be your ideal healthy weight with a supercharged immune system, incredible energy, epic brain function and a general sense of wellbeing and happiness… or you could just try eating breakfast biscuits and see how that goes for you?

Eat more fat and protein – Eat more of what you want!

We’re still told that low fat is good and that we should eat less meat… Really? Well no. It has been demonstrated very clearly for numerous years that saturated fats are key to human health and wellness.

Now before we get into this lets get some context. Saturated fat and meat from a grass fed organically farmed cows in the form of a well-cooked slice of beef, perhaps grilled or fried in coconut oil will have many health benefits and of course should be part of a balanced diet.

A fast fried steak from a shed reared pellet fed hormone packed cow cooked in cheap vegetable oil will not do you any good at all, and I’m sure the poor cow was not very happy about the situation either.

This is why looking at context is so important, it’s not the fats that are bad and it’s not meat that is bad, however we do need to give consideration to where they come from and how we cook them. The environmental considerations for meat consumption in the broader more global context of health are beyond the scope of this post however are well worth discussion and consideration, perhaps another time.

Saturated fats help for fill some critical roles in our body – 4 reasons why we should eat them and enjoy them!

  • Saturated Fats found in organic butter and coconut oil will help boost your immune function as well as boost your metabolism increasing your move towards your optimal healthy weight. So you really can eat fat to get thin.
  • Saturated fat is central to the formation, repair and optimal function of your brain, nerves and hormones. That’s a lot of very important functions! Your brain is mainly made of fat and cholesterol most of which is saturated and the nerves are laden with these same saturated fats. A diet that cuts these out is a diet that is not supporting the optimal function of your key processing unit!
  • Saturated fat is critical for proper nutrient absorption. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K need fats to act as the carrier to get them into our bodies. Saturated fat is also essential for the transfer of calcium to our bones so that they are healthy and strong.
  • They help us feel satisfied. If we eat slowly and give time for the satiety hormones to kick in we will find we feel full with no need for more when enough fat is present.

So we can see that in eating a sensible amount of saturated fat particularly from coconut oil, organic grass-fed butter, and  carefully selected meats we are supporting not only the optimal health of the body but also supporting a key move towards our optimal healthy weight. So enjoy butter, enjoy eating a great bit of steak, enjoying all the good foods and just cut out the commercial rubbish and junk sold as ‘health food’… nice breakfast biscuit anyone? Please. Do we look that stupid?

Chill out, relax… Is inner peace the answer to optimal weight?

Finding time to relax is very important to the overall health equation and stress and people’s perception of the world and their lives is without any doubt the biggest single obstacle to people achieving their health goals.

If we’re locked into the ‘fight and flight’ response the whole time then not only is it harder to get in optimal shape but we also burn through more of the bodies resources meaning we need more vitamins and minerals just to stay level.

My solution is a daily practice for just 10 minutes. I have found that a focused practice such as meditation is more beneficial than, for example, spending 10 minutes in the garden as in meditation we are re-training the brain to stay in the relaxed state and pay less attention to all the perceived stressors. It’s this process of training that in time reveals a deep and lasting change.

Try a little exercise

This can be as simple as walking more, perhaps take the stairs at work rather than the elevator. Cycling to work can add a huge amount of aerobic exercise time into your daily life.

There are many simple ways to be more active and just a small amount of regular exercise can make a profound difference to your degree of resistance to disease and of course make all the difference if you’re trying to get in shape.


Eat more of the good stuff, the true bounty that nature provides for us, a diet rich in proteins, fats, oils and carbohydrates from dark green leafy vegetables. Investigate cook books that focus on high quality ingredients to help vary your diet. Investigate vegetarian food to boost vegetable intake and super healthy plant based proteins. Make sure you take some time out to focus on yourself and relaxation and try running up the stairs to work rather than hanging out in the lift!

Do more of these things and you will be the perfect weight for your optimal health. Your optimal health is where you will find your greatest happiness and if you have happiness you have achieved at the highest level. There is nothing that need be added to true happiness and contentment. Not even a smaller waistline.

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland

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